• A Silent Love

    So I sit
    tick, tick, tick
    papers rustle... more »

  • Age - A Birthday Gift On 6 September 1990

    I awoke, dying of old age;
    bigger bags under my eyes,
    a bit more hair missing,
    a weary body... more »

  • Anger

    I wish I could get angry
    The way other people get angry
    I see them lash out, yell, scream, abuse
    I see their frustrations, hurts and disappointments... more »

  • Belief

    She lives in the back part of the house,
    The old lady,
    I've never seen her but they tell me
    She is there.... more »

  • Between You And Me

    Christopher Robin always used to sit half way up the stairs
    Looking up you can see where the big people live
    Being busy and important and doing what big people do
    Looking down you can see the toys and the games... more »

  • Black Saturday

    In a gentle moment, time stopped.
    The rush of a million events in one day
    Stilled and whispered;
    Hearts beat to a slower pace... more »

  • By Candlelight

    Sitting under a tree,
    On a cold, wet summer morn,
    Watching people watching
    A man they loved... more »

  • Consider

    Pawing at a sunburnt heart,
    Dry, dusty
    Scratching, pawing.
    My withered, cold heart... more »

  • Cum Gratia Pace

    May I dream
    of the people we will be?
    Denying the scheme
    either one of us may... more »

  • Death Of Beauty

    Cinamon eyes on a breakfast toast,
    Beverages of shameless sin,... more »

  • Elf

    Come, rest your dreams
    upon the soil of my
    Let a million petals... more »

  • Epilogue - This Is Not A Leather Jacket

    This contrite conundrum
    is a leather jacket:
    a tough, rough, solid
    protective coating... more »

  • Explosion

    Sacred cow stands on corrupt grass,
    Eating, chewing, munching.
    Ate too much and exploded.
    Covers the world with cow,... more »

  • Filling The Void

    Slowly the square metal front moves closer
    Lights useless blazing into the sunlight
    Small windows with a driver sipping hot chocolate
    Gazing intently at the green light... more »

  • Focus Of Happiness

    There's a photo of you above my desk
    St Kilda beach with the sand almost hiding you
    You search for shells
    with the intensity of life.... more »

  • Gott Würfelt Nicht

    From the nothing
    From the no time
    From before the moment which was the first
    Sudden, entropy, movement, light, being... more »

  • Hallmark Is Trolling This Site

    Hallmark is trolling this site
    To see if you make rhymes right
    If you do, there's a job
    If you don't, please don't sob... more »

  • Idol Humans

    I parody the beliefs of the ruling elite
    Those who point to the stars to find no meaning
    Those who look to the atom to find that
    They can see no eye looking back at them.... more »

  • Indecision

    Leaves, the sailboats of the air,
    Rarely, no, quite often,
    And therefore constantly,
    Do various things,... more »

  • Ir A Freak

    If eye spel not lyk u
    Or perhaps there are ways I eat my food... more »

  • It Hopped?

    Well, what I really mean is:
    No! That's wrong too. Um.... more »

  • Lied

    'Die Gedanken sind frei,
    wer Kann sie erratan? '
    Do not let it mar learned thoughts
    This painful joy we sing together.... more »

  • Lovely

    An image in a mirror
    Rocking, swaying in and out of view
    just as your alcohol daze
    swayed your view... more »

  • Mangees, Mangees, Mangees...

    A new order is ours,
    A new birth to the old
    And we have ceremony.
    A garden with no green,... more »

  • Meaning

    I walk a path of sad
    Knowing that the words
    only indicate... more »