• Michelle

    An awkward rustling of a sock,
    The sudden shock
    of death...
    When the light of the rainbow... more »

  • Mk (Rip)

    I paraded the world
    with arms outstretched
    between those I loved and those I knew
    Stopping only to see... more »

  • Mortar Boards

    The ad never said
    'Position Vacant
    One heart to become
    part of the bricks... more »

  • Motive

    Judicious lies
    pertaining to the secrecy
    within the window of thought.
    Superfluous complement... more »

  • Observer

    I heard the voices of a
    Mother's crying pain in
    A Mountain Wilderness I
    Heard her child's reply... more »

  • Oh Paris

    Ah, to be in Paris in the rain
    The tower dripping wet
    The pavement like moist sheets
    Beneath our bodies... more »

  • On The Day

    The sight of a mother's smirk
    a dream beyond dreaming
    leaving, lying
    baring the intrinsic wound... more »

  • Pastoral Land

    For Bishop Jeremiah (1933-2014)

    In the minds
    Of the souls... more »

  • Pavel

    At times even the disorganised
    need to be precise.
    How many stars lay scattered
    across your view?... more »

  • Porcupine

    Let the universe rejoice
    from the depths of its reality
    Let each dandelion quiver
    In a vibrant yellow sea.... more »

  • Preserved Colour

    Flowers of many colours
    Red and blue and gold
    Amber flowing from the trees
    Nestling memories of old... more »

  • Reflection

    I held my little boy last night
    As he lay on the pillow
    Sucking gently at the teat of a bottle
    Taking in the milk, gulping... more »

  • Rocking Horse

    A land of magic exists above the clouds
    And a sad, old rocking horse sits by the window
    Knowing he'd lost a friend.
    A white tuft of hair is all that is left of a once grand mane,... more »

  • Sabbath Rain

    Let us bury two birds together;
    Two fragile little sacks of skin
    holding that which
    could have been life.... more »

  • Second Song

    That part which is beyond us...
    Eyes are staring outward
    Grasping, tickling
    A song, a young song... more »

  • Security

    Last night I thought I saw
    An embryo floating in the toilet
    But then I thought
    'Embryos don't float'... more »

  • Seven In One

    I am an old man,
    Dressed in a shrunken skin,
    Disguised in a costume
    As obvious as tears in the rain... more »

  • Silent Reading

    I have shared my dreams
    written on paper such as this
    paper which will be dust
    just as I shall also be.... more »

  • Snow

    I grow taller and taller
    As I walk away from
    The street light,
    Down the road.... more »

  • Song

    Growing scath
    Rustling leaves
    drailing dripping
    Mushroom... more »

  • Spaceman

    How sadly ironic,
    After passing the sonic,
    Caught the bubonic,
    And died.... more »

  • Starless Night

    Accepting the death of a withered leaf
    Green faded to barren crisp
    No gentle floating
    Crunch... more »

  • Steve And Peter - A Tale Of Two Fish(Es)

    it's strange how fish behave
    in water and on track
    and how they take the brave
    leaving us in lack... more »

  • Steve Irwin - Rest In Peace

    Gliding over muddy plains
    Sliding with the crocs
    Ripping snakes from rocks
    Slipping down ice... more »

  • Stupid Dog - Black Saturday 2009

    There was a dog
    A stupid dog
    I saw it lying there with eyes
    That read my soul... more »