• Sunrise

    As the day begins
    Light covers the sky
    With no seen source.
    A single white cloud... more »

  • The Execution

    I journeyed deep, deep, deep,
    along the twisted path of ivy,
    where life's juices seep.
    Each turn unveiled surprise,... more »

  • The Other Art

    There’s a side of you I fear I only see
    In glimpses, shadows – peering through leaves... more »

  • The Turning World

    As light shines through a glistening dew drop,
    Showing the true beauty of white,
    The world continues to turn.
    As the birds of the forest chirp,... more »

  • There Have Been Five Loves

    Since adulthood five have gained the phrase
    Since passing through and touching
    Each in their own strange way
    Each teaching and learning through the gaining... more »

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle

    Each stirring moment
    of life leave us
    with a.....
    I was walking past a tree,... more »

  • White Sea

    He tried to explain to a daughter's mother,
    All in vain I fear,
    He climbed to the top of a great white tower
    Hoping the view would be clear.... more »

  • Withdrawl

    He withdrew from life completely,
    Not knowing which way was up,
    Or whether his life was a miscarriage,
    Or what....... more »