Professional lyricist with songs recorded and released by B.B. King, Clarence Carter, Trade Martin, and other recording artists.
In high school, voted most likely to be taken hostage in case of invasion by Canada.


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A Little More

when someone asks how I am
I know it’s out of politeness... more »

Rube On The You Tube

on the You tube, I put some very funny bits
they only accrued 150 hits
Brazillian Women
Wrestling In Oil... more »

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Joshua Bosworth 09 Apr 2008 05:44
While your poems provide interesting perspective, their message seems to be trite with over use. This coupled with you poor wording leads me to belive that these poems provide no real insight at all, and are merely an echo of those that you percive as brilliant. Personaly, i belive that you need to develop your own voice as a writer.