I'm currently writing department chair at a community college in Tucson, Arizona, where I've lived since 1954 and where I teach composition and poetry writing.
I've had seven chapbooks published by various local and national presses. My latest book, 'Sentimental Blue, ' is available online from chax.org.


Jefferson Carter Poems

Litter Box

My wife asked me this morning
if I'd ever cheated on her.
My ex-wife called this afternoon
& asked me the same thing.... more »

Writing In The Shower

I wanted something
Eastern European, you know,
something portentous
in the best sense of the word,... more »

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Comments about Jefferson Carter

Daniel Einstein 18 Sep 2012 02:49
Came across your page out of plain luck, realized then, all the comments people have posted about you are very disliked. There is a different on giving positive yet negative feed back and just telling people to, and I quote, j, stop writing right now, lay off the ego. are you the greatest poet in the world, are you adored by millions on your writing? I don't think so, all I am saying to you, is there are different approaches.
Jefferson's poetry loves to bite Reality.straightforward, no frillls.Enjoy conversations and quick wit.
Joseph Daly 21 Aug 2007 09:08
Jefferson is not only a great poet but also a great spokesman for poetry. His poems ooze invention, wit and beauty. He can provoke, or dumbfound you. His work is never dull and this maybe because of the obvious labour that he puts into his writing. He is not a poet to sit back and be content with his lot. Jefferson enjoys pushing the boundaries, and as a result, it is the reader who benefits.