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Came across your page out of plain luck, realized then, all the comments people have posted about you are very disliked. There is a different on giving positive yet negative feed back and just telling people to, and I quote, j, stop writing right now, lay off the ego. are you the greatest poet in the world, are you adored by millions on your writing? I don't think so, all I am saying to you, is there are different approaches.
Jefferson's poetry loves to bite Reality.straightforward, no frillls.Enjoy conversations and quick wit.
Jefferson is not only a great poet but also a great spokesman for poetry. His poems ooze invention, wit and beauty. He can provoke, or dumbfound you. His work is never dull and this maybe because of the obvious labour that he puts into his writing. He is not a poet to sit back and be content with his lot. Jefferson enjoys pushing the boundaries, and as a result, it is the reader who benefits.
Intresting poet to meet and learn from.
Jefferson Carter is a stellar poet/writer possessed of tremendous talent, wit, style, music, and insight. When I first started coming to Poemhunter, I played in language, because, well, it's so much fun to do, and I was working diligently to find my own voice and strengthening it to the point where it would be recognizable anywhere. Jefferson Carter, Dr. Carter, sort of took me under his wing, recommended writers I would enjoy, even if he didn't, or writers that he enjoyed, even if I didn't, to help me grow as a writer, and as a thinker. He is a true teacher, and a true poet. As I continue to read his work, I am constantly amazed at how effortless he makes writing good poetry appear to be. I strive to be the kind of writer that he is, without compromise, and with beautiful style. Jefferson is my poetic hero at Poemhunter. He continues to publish his work and is frequently invited to read from his many published works. IMO, we are so very lucky to have a writer of his very high calibre here.
Jefferson Carter, I received your book, SENTIMENTAL BLUE, and have enjoyed my first read-through. I especially like how you find meaning and mood in the ordinary details of your life. You're very observent, and also have a great ear when putting it all together. I can really hear your work as I'm reading it. Your images are compressed-no wasted words. I like how you involve the reader in ordinary details and avoid conventional 'poetic' language and images. Thanks for the read, Sue Ann Simar
You bring reality into your poems. This I think is what I like about your poems. It feels as if I am in the situation of which you write. You are good poet JC and I like reading what you post. I try to read anything new that you post because you do keep me!
The unrivalled master of free verse- cynical at times, full of crisp metaphors and adept at using dark humour where appropriate.