• 4th And One

    With the game on the line
    Eli wants some measurements
    looks like he got it
    It's 8: 48... more »

  • 4th And One (The Lost Poem)

    ... more »

  • All This World And No Where To Go

    One guy says this:
    'Sometimes it's good to have
    the badguys on your side
    like the Mafia... more »

  • America's Thread

    Unraveled and forgotten like a cat’s toy
    a old stocking
    under a unkempt bed
    on a dusty wooden floor... more »

  • Bay Lyric

    Plaster and caramel candy clown and fortune teller heads
    salt water bluefish on a double jig running but the plastic leaving
    the hook mouth your luck run out but somebody's eating good
    chicken legs on a string and a plastic bucket crab dream... more »

  • Cafe

    Yellow dress looks good on Mary
    she fell down the steps on the way to the nursery
    to see Stanley's nephew
    whos only a few hours old... more »

  • Come Again?

    There's a storm coming this way
    the weather man says it's
    going to rain cats and dogs
    How strange?... more »

  • Confessions Of A Mall Santa

    From here I can see Hell

    I can feel the hot breath of the devil on my neck... more »

  • Cool's His Middle Name

    Is it true?
    that nothing really matters
    unless you see it on a t-shirt
    worn by a celebrity... more »

  • Cricket Leg

    What I'm saying is
    we don't have a chance
    every body
    just get up and dance and... more »

  • Dirt Road Pome

    Dirt red road in the evening sun
    the rattlesnake stretched
    and twards the sky
    flickers a forked tongue... more »

  • Dirty Water

    I ripped a 20 dollar bill in half
    it had been through the laundry
    and after all that agitation
    it couldn’t hold up... more »

  • Don'T Go Breaking My Heart

    the spider waits
    in the center of her web
    the sun shines on the sticky morning
    dew drops... more »

  • Fearless

    To be fearless
    one must be broke
    the rich are afraid of losing their money
    the popular... more »

  • For Real, You Look Real Nice

    I reached for a half empty
    warm beer
    and knocked a roll of toilet paper
    from the top of the television... more »

  • Grass Pome

    Reaching out from between my fingers
    I hold hands with our mother in nature
    blades of sizes bearing difference
    it rises like questions and seemingly answers... more »

  • Hit And Miss

    You hear the one
    about the Catholic priest
    and the nun?... more »

  • I'D Buy That For A Dollar

    In America
    Chicken can be bought
    From just about anyone
    In America... more »

  • I'M Done With Scary Movies

    The lady at the store
    told me of a pack of dogs
    and she howled
    when she gave me my change... more »

  • Join Us

    Downtown this dude in a ratty army coat walked up to me and gave me a piece of paper and said:
    ' This prophet, he's kind of like a hero around here. gets all the cats together and lays it down. He's a new religion man.'

    On the paper these words:... more »

  • June Bug

    A June bug
    flying around
    in late September
    I think I’ll move to L.A.... more »

  • Kevin? Where Are You?

    I knew a boy
    that lived
    under his bed
    for a month... more »

  • Let Me See It

    On rainy days
    such as this
    at work it slows
    down I think it may be... more »

  • Little Bee

    I wish I wish
    I was a little tiny
    flying around in... more »

  • Little Crawdad

    It's all down hill from here
    Sonny Boy
    Get that whoopin
    go on home now... more »