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Jeffrey SpahrSummers Poems


It takes courage to admit defeat
to lay the weapons down
to declare oneself unarmed
before anyone else gets hurt... more »

Top This Television Moment

you shouldve been there
everybody else was
at least it seemed
in july... more »

Of Poems And People

Never satisfied
The whiners
Always primping
Looking in mirrors... more »

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Comments about Jeffrey SpahrSummers

Bill Grace 23 May 2005 11:13
Thank you. I like what I have read. Am not so close to being dead As a non 85 to fill a form And look to read you yet again. So, thank you.
Michael Shepherd 13 Feb 2005 05:32
Hi. I wrote a comment on your 'Roaring conversation' which is the most sits better there, I won't repeat it... just huge thanks for being on this site, and all..
Theodora Onken 13 Feb 2005 02:06
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW! ! ! ! ! ! ! You are amazing. Can't even begin to describe your most awesome ability. You need to put together a book that we can all purchase.