• Awake! O Endangered Species!

    Awake! O Endangered Species!

    The Stars shone bright in the night on sky
    The deep sea joined the Moon sight on high... more »

  • Birthday Greetings To My Dearest One

    O my beloved Star
    Never been so far
    Close to my heart
    Ever never depart... more »

  • Birthday Greetings To My Teacher

    Birthday Greetings to My Teacher

    I heard the angels singing
    When the day dawn springing... more »

  • Call To Serve

    People walk along and along selfishly
    Blind to the beggars on the pavement
    And the lepers on roadside in defacement
    People walk along and walk along carelessly... more »

  • Child Labour

    Child Labour

    I see radiant lines of morning
    Creates life bright and charming.... more »

  • Elements

    Terrors of the night cannot hold
    Innate brightness and beam behold
    Burning heat gives life on day
    Darkness mutes when I am on way... more »

  • God Needs Liberation

    God needs liberation

    Creation is an Ocean
    Holds all its variety... more »

  • God’s Chosen Star

    God’s Chosen Star

    Saints in the Heavens
    you take my brother with both hands... more »

  • God's Chosen Star

    Saints in the Heavens
    you take my brother with both hands
    Angels in His glory
    You take my brother in victory... more »

  • Happy Birthday Dad

    Happy Birthday Dad

    Dear Dad on your Birthday
    A simple song I make... more »

  • Living In Harmony

    Living in Harmony

    I WONDER the beauty in variety
    The eco system holds in its duty... more »

  • Rain


    O silver lining beauty!
    Springs life O divinity!... more »

  • Scar Of Intolerance

    Scar of Intolerance
    Sr. A.M.Jansi FSAG, Gonzaga College, Kathampallam, T.N.
    Let this secular democracy voice of hope
    Might ring in every nook and corner slope,... more »

  • Secularism Set On Pyre

    Secularism set on pyre

    O cradle of many religions... more »

  • Social Networking A Curse?


    CHILDREN play quarrelling in the street,
    Entertained their innocent nature I greet,... more »

  • Suicide Prevention

    Kill suicide! Let it never be on your side!

    Can you hear my cry little one
    Your loving mother’s shrill brittle son... more »

  • Thank You

    Thank you dear father

    A simple song for the loving heart
    The gentle mind which holds me fast... more »

  • Thank You Dear Father

    A simple song for the loving heart
    The gentle mind which holds me fast
    Stand by me to make me mast
    Touch my soul at long and last... more »

  • The Power Of Youth

    O Sweet sixteen sure ever beauty:
    Tender heart in love does duty;
    Power stored house of energy;
    All multitalented synergy.... more »

  • The Right Choice

    INDIA is a democratic socialistic country
    Rich in culture and heritage vast plenty,
    Religion, caste and creed of ethnic beauties
    Political system polluted with multi parties.... more »

  • Water


    From the depth of the sea
    To the lofty sky I see... more »

  • Women's Liberation

    Flickering Flame

    Spirit of joy overwhelms the heart!
    The loving heart with splendor... more »