• A Pebble In Your Hand

    O man of little wits!
    Why gaze upon the sky
    And pant for that lovely star above
    Of what use is that head above your heart... more »

  • A Poet Pleads

    Tonight, like many nights before
    I sit here hunched over my desk
    Pen in hand, a lamp above my head
    Waiting for the voice that comes... more »

  • A Request

    If my verses you dislike
    Click that mouse and say goodbye
    If they make you laugh or sigh
    Leave your comment then pass by... more »

  • An Empty Space

    He waits for me
    Like royalty
    Each day when
    I get home... more »

  • By Faith

    What your eyes don't see
    Let your heart feel
    And your mind believe
    For precious things... more »

  • Cruel Fate

    He looks at me
    With eyes that speak
    Of bashful admiration
    Can I tell him... more »

  • Death Is Not Enough

    You may steal the ones they love
    And cause their hearts to grieve
    You may trample on their rights
    And crush their hopes to bits... more »

  • Faces Of Love

    Love here, love there
    Love springs everywhere
    Love thrills, love excites
    Love enchants and delights... more »

  • Fathers Don'T Grow Old

    You’re not old, Dad
    You got wrinkles
    And few hairs
    But you’re not old... more »

  • Fools Have Eyes

    Fools have eyes, but are blind
    They look, but cannot see
    For they look with their eyes
    And not with their hearts... more »

  • Footfalls

    God chooses
    Not to come
    With a roll of
    Royal drums and... more »

  • Forever Free

    We can bind the wind
    With cords of fantasy
    And keep it still
    For a moment... more »

  • Freedom Is For The Dead

    Seek not for freedom
    For in this life there is none
    The rich don’t have it
    Neither do the poor... more »

  • Frustrated

    I waited
    Pen held above a blank sheet
    I waited, but nothing
    I looked around and waited... more »

  • How To Make Perfect Instant Coffee

    First, you need a cup of hot water
    They say it should be hot as hell
    I don’t know, I haven’t been there
    Let me just say it should be scalding hot... more »

  • If

    If infinity can lend me
    A space to write my story
    If the night can turn to ink
    To print the thoughts I think... more »

  • If You Are Here With Me

    If I can be a princess
    Of kingdoms by the sea
    Where knights have wings
    And dragons speak to me... more »

  • I'Ll Wait No More

    You came with all the splendor of the rising sun,
    With the symphony of Mozart in your eyes,
    You came like a rain in a dusty summer
    And when you spoke, everything went still.... more »

  • Let Wisdom Speak

    Let wisdom borne from ages
    Enlighten the innocence of youth
    Though it must speak with caution
    Not to risk condemnation... more »

  • Live Long

    Be a child again
    Love without reason
    Trust someone
    Forgive everyone... more »

  • Love At First Sniff

    I looked at him
    He licked his lips
    I touched his hair
    He kissed my hand... more »

  • Love Connections

    Two minds
    one dream
    Two hearts
    one love... more »

  • Man Without Dreams

    Man and beast
    Alike in many ways
    We see beast-like man
    And man-like beast... more »

  • Marriage Proposal

    Some things we know
    Just come in pair
    They do not rhyme
    Yet nice to hear... more »

  • Men With Mustache

    I used to think when I was young
    That men with mustache were weird
    They twitch their lips like in Bewitch
    Perhaps to stop an itch... more »