• A Talk With Him.

    Hush baby girl. I know it still hurts.
    Shhhh... Pull it together.
    It's for your growth, my glory.
    You can never whether the weather.... more »

  • Clown

    With a frown she looks at me,
    As if I'm a clown drowning,
    In lack of anticipation of hell
    People are capable of giving.... more »

  • Life Is Complex In It's Simplicity

    The three main walks of life,
    To be happy, live and survive.
    They say 'chase your dreams' and then 'No, don't be dreaming.'
    Trying to inject my life with their meanings.... more »

  • One And Only

    2013 won't be perfect without your presence.
    Why do you come back for a day, steal my heart away then leave for months of absence?
    4 years since we first met and I know it was fate,
    But life isn't great enough to create perfect lovers without much waiting.... more »

  • So Sick

    I've never loved a man who stopped loving me back,
    So forgive me please if I seem too taken aback.
    I sense your attempts at hiding true feelings away,
    But there's so much said from the things you don't say.... more »

  • To Those Who Fear Color

    Yes? Can I help you? What you looking at?
    Is there something on my shirt?
    What you scowling at?
    Can't be the color of my skin?... more »

  • Vulnerability

    Lately, I've been greatly blessed with kindness in those who surround me.
    They sooth me when I'm angered speaking words of wisdom 'let it be.'
    Through them I rediscovered the power of vulnerbility,
    I was so close to shutting the walls of my heart hoping to regain stability.... more »