• A Good Friend?

    yea you
    you think your a good friend?
    well your not... more »

  • About To Explode

    im going insane
    i about to explode
    i cant take this anymore
    my heart is racing... more »

  • Anouther Big Dession

    your gone
    how could you
    how could you just leave us
    your own kids... more »

  • Change

    never in my life did i think
    not once
    that i would change
    i am a totally different person now... more »

  • Dear Mom

    dear mom.....
    you cant read my mind
    and if so
    you would know... more »

  • Done

    im done
    done waiting my time
    no im not fine
    so stop asking... more »

  • Explore New People

    fat or thin, balck or white, small or tall, broke or rich, who cares. stop judging. no ones perfect, yea no one...that includes you. god created everyone differnt because no one would be unique otherwise. in someway were all sane. treet people the way you want to be treated, its only fair. theres reasons for everything so find a variety of friends who are completly differnt from eachother. who cares about looks or race. stop judging and think first.... more »

  • Hate Me

    Everything is pulled away from me
    like a picture pulled out of my frame
    you held my hand so proudly
    then you turned away in shame... more »

  • I Hate It

    How do people deal with this stuff
    I hate the bullying
    How can people act this way
    Why do others want to hurt the inocent... more »

  • I Hate This Thought

    this thought haunts me everyday
    every moment of the day
    non stop
    its al; ways there... more »

  • Love?

    so how can one person love someone they dont even know, or love someone they just barley met? love at first sight... realy? thats not love thats judging someone just because you like they way they look. its wrong to love someone you just met.its judging someone and not in the right way. so come on think it threw.... more »

  • Missing You

    i miss you
    i cant stand this
    this feeling of being alone
    like theres no one here to confort me... more »

  • New Beginning

    never did i think
    never in my entire life
    did i think
    that this could happen... more »

  • This Wasnt All Me

    it wasnt all me
    this was you
    i now hate you
    you are part of the reason... more »