• Fate

    It is cold, dark, and wet
    I shouldn't have made this bet
    Walking alone at night
    can sure give a girl fright... more »

  • Forever

    The lights and stars shine brighter then mars
    we lay upon the hood of our car
    gazing upon the magical stars
    The moon illuminates your face... more »

  • I Accept

    You never really cared
    when i started to swear
    love then fight
    we were up all night... more »

  • It's Hard

    It's hard to think
    it's hard to feel
    it's hard to realize it's real
    without you by my side... more »

  • Mothers Day

    You were always there
    when something went wrong
    you kept me strong
    The cards and flowers... more »

  • The Very End..

    A pill to kill
    a smoke to fill
    a run to shred
    all of my dread... more »

  • True Friends

    A true friend is one through thick and thin,
    A true friend says not to cutt your skin.
    A true friend will stop the pain,
    A true friend will feel the same.... more »

  • Walking

    I'll be walking soon
    Just to get a glimpse at the moon
    I take a sigh
    I take it in... more »

  • You Were Always There

    You were always there when I started to cry,
    You were always there you never asked why?
    You were always there when things got tough,
    You were always there to call my bluff.... more »