My name is Jennavieve.
I am 23.
I am currently trying to move on from a recent heartbreak.
I'm in an indie/folk band.
We've been playing a lot of shows recently.
I'm moving to Paris for a year next semester.
Tegan & Sara, Kimya Dawson, Adam Green, Grandma Beuler.


Jennavieve Agnus Beular. Poems

Insignifigant Lover

Love is a poem in itself.
It screams for help.
The lonesome cry can't be ignored,
You are adored.... more »

The Sand Falls From The Ashes Of My Heart

Different lullabies play in my ear softly as you sing me to sleep tonight,
The fright.
The darkest clouds rise overhead, memories will come to show you're the one.
I need.... more »

Death Kiss

I lay upon you my lips.
Kissing death as I reach my internal cry.
My love is not a mere shallow swell of endearment, nor a scam of deceit.
You love me?... more »

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Comments about Jennavieve Agnus Beular.

Rosalie Cullen 02 Mar 2008 04:57
Jennavieve I must say, you are quite a inspiration. Especially to be so young. I, myself are 23 and I've visited Paris. You will love it. Sincerely Yours, Rosa.