• For Nathaniel

    Nathaniel who stands on the green shouting,
    “I am the first of my kind,
    I am the finest you’ll find! ”... more »

  • I Have Seen A Moment In My Old Age

    Underneath the swinging trees
    we lie limply in the cool
    of shade, and of the simple breeze.... more »

  • O March In Spring

    The war expands a bit off where it’s
    Bright and dry and I can’t see.
    But here I’ve seen the bluebells bloom
    More sort of violet, really.... more »

  • Return From A Travel

    The sidewalk oak will no more dance or tremble
    When wind howls typhoon-strong past its street-corner;
    Age makes the tree be proud and bare and grown, untrimmed.
    I see your door where I once begged is now a hole... more »

  • Sin And Her Children

    The Sin of John Milton
    Written inside Seattle’s downtown library
    Epigraph: “Before the Gates there sat
    On either side a formidable shape;... more »

  • Sunnydays

    I'm stuck in the fuckin' sunshine, half alive and three quarters dyin';
    it takes all my hardearned cash
    just to buy me reason.
    Some are pleased by Summer season but I can't... more »

  • Waiting

    I am waiting. I’m waiting.
    Where the stars meet the sound I am waiting.
    I am here at the gate and can stare
    Down the lane where the blackberries bake on their vines.... more »

  • Whitewater Dive

    Gravity pulled in the typical way
    At a foot that ought not have been bare.
    The mountain-goat stones do not hold to their own,
    As slick things quite like to let go.... more »