• How Can I Turn My Life For You

    How Can I Turn My Life for You
    By JMB

    How can I turn my life for you?... more »

  • I Am Sailing Alone

    Out of nowhere, I dreamt to go
    To a place where no one else go
    Then, suddenly, I realized
    That I’m sailing alone and despised... more »

  • I’ve Lost

    I’ve Lost
    By: JMB

    No one can ever blame me... more »

  • I'Ll Never Find Another You

    I never thought I’ll meet a person as nice as you
    Like the clouds that gives shade as well as rain
    Like the mountains that brings such a delightful sight to the weary…
    Not for a moment that I feel you like a glimpse of hope in my life... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is a game we play unsure
    Love is a need we never roar
    Yet it is a shout
    Of someone’s clout.... more »

  • Make It True

    See what it means to be
    The light in your dark history
    When you fall I see you come back up to the top and never drop
    So be the best that you can be... more »

  • Rain

    By: JMB,2003

    It’s been a long since we met... more »

  • Sweet Memory

    I read my life alone
    Without no one to come along,
    Mysteries keep on calling me, but
    I was too frail to answer.... more »

  • The Fault

    The Fault
    By: JMB

    Who dares to stay with me?... more »

  • Trapped

    By: JMB

    I think there’s no way for me... more »