• Change Me O God

    Change my heart O God
    Make me a righteous person like You
    Change my mind O God
    Let me think wise in everything I do... more »

  • Down On Life's Weary Road

    Walking down on life’s weary road
    Don’t turn back now if the pace seems slow
    You might stumble and fall a bit
    Whatever you do, but do not quit... more »

  • Forgive Me My Lord

    Oh Jesus Christ my beautiful one
    Your love for me no word can say
    You were nailed on the cross and thought of me
    You died for me in an unmercifully way... more »

  • I Walk

    I walk
    I walk with them in the dark
    I walk with them everyday
    They lure in darkness like hawks... more »

  • If I Could

    If I could sit here with God
    On a beach watching the sun rise
    I would ask Him about the battle He fought
    With the devils for me that night... more »

  • Kingdom Of Heaven

    Like an image captured
    Of a beautiful movie scene
    Like Michelangelo’s painting
    That you may have never seen... more »

  • Not Alone

    All alone
    On an empty rugged pier
    She stood and gazed at the ocean... more »

  • Thank You My Lord

    Beautiful Lord
    Wonderful Savior
    Because of Your love
    Now I am a soul survivor... more »