• Being Blue

    my heart is racing
    my brain just wont stop
    I keep on looking but this clock just wont stop... more »

  • Confused

    I found the answers, but I can’t tell
    Is this the person I want to know well? ?
    The one to protect me through thick and thin,
    The one that’ll be there till the end? ?... more »

  • Empty

    alone, empty
    shrieks peirce my ears
    they're locked inside ringing
    producing these fears.... more »

  • Friends

    hello my name is _____ is how the story begins.
    They soon became the greatest of friends.
    As the years pass, their friendship grows,
    these girls i speak of, you probably know.... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    It's hard to look at you
    Knowing everything we went through
    The nights I spent happy and others confused
    Every time it was about you... more »

  • In Her Favorite Place

    Broken, tattered, a withered soul
    Lost in the stillness of time’s control
    Tearstains splattered among her shirt
    Feeling as if she’d been lying under dirt... more »

  • Let It Go

    There she is, you’re past
    The relationship that would never last.
    I still see it, in your eyes
    She’s the one I despise.... more »

  • Lost

    Lost beneath the shadows
    Searching for the light
    I will never give up on this struggle,
    On this fight.... more »

  • Someone New

    you see her sitting there
    her body strangled among the chair
    her words are drifting slowly away... more »

  • Time

    i'm sick of this
    i aim but i miss
    i keep reaching, but i can't find the switch... more »

  • Um.Not Finished

    A raindropp slowly glides off a petal down to the ground
    To dry up and will never be around
    Arise my strength my reason for living
    Please forgive me for not always giving... more »

  • Untitled

    I’ve lost my thought in time
    Searching for a rhythm or a simple rhyme
    To express through my chest the rhythm flows to bring me in and hold me close
    To help me find the one I need most... more »

  • Who Is There

    I see someone who is far away,
    who is there, who is there,
    is it the love of my life or the darkness of my cry,
    who is there, who is there,... more »

  • Win Or Lose

    I’m trying to understand you
    But nothing’s coming through
    Either you’re full of lies
    Or you’re afraid to tell the truth... more »