• Cain

    It runs through my head,
    Pumping hate through my veins,
    I'm moving fast.
    As I dash through a thicket... more »

  • Forbidden Fancy

    Exchanging texts in secret,
    thoughts of him crush in on her,
    but she can't tell anyone,
    for what she feels is forbidden.... more »

  • Gamble With The Fates

    A soul shred into tiny pieces,
    but souls cannot be seen,
    only damage to physical things.... more »

  • Hopeless Gods

    She's argued with her sister
    Made the harsh truth real
    Again it was brought to her attension
    They had no idea of what she hides.... more »

  • I Think...

    With a fluttering heart I submit the quotes of thought
    Do I really want to do this?
    With one click I make my feelings known
    With one click I've drowned my chances with him... more »

  • Ice Queen Shattered

    My eyes closed on that night air
    Tears dried down my face
    I had to get away from all the agony
    My phone I had chucked to the back of a drawer... more »

  • Informed Clocks

    As hourly chimes pass the halls
    I will watch over you
    Who needs an angel
    When you have death itself... more »

  • Intrapment

    Wind so soothing
    And ground so firm
    An existance worth living.... more »

  • Late Learning

    Confusion rips at her sight
    She's just sitting there
    With no clue what to say
    He's taken her by surprise... more »

  • Let Me Free

    Tonight I will escape
    These bars will break
    And this obsession has to stop... more »

  • Loosing Out

    I have waited
    I've played my part
    You didn't fight for me
    So you loose out... more »

  • Mind Games

    Words fly from the screen,
    What's he saying?
    The words requocet around my head,
    The meanings just won't set in.... more »

  • Pleased Innocence

    She trys to please
    But her actions are misread
    She trys to converse
    But they just jump down her neck... more »

  • Queen Of The Night

    She stalks men at night
    Surrounded by groans and gasps
    She's the ultimate pleasure... more »

  • Rescue The Reaper

    I sit here crying,
    confusion at a siblings outburst is the culprit.
    Why am I blamed for anothers sabotage?
    I haven't done anything.... more »

  • She's His Unwanted

    He left the door wide open
    Left in a great hurry
    His whore needs him again
    Needs him indefinitly... more »

  • Should It Carry On?

    How times have changed these last few hours
    When cars have past and planes have flown
    As flowers die and cats cry their mournful chorus
    Yet here I sit, thinking of lives past... more »

  • Sketch

    Paper is scattered around her room
    So far she hasn't got it right
    She's tried so hard
    For such a long time now... more »

  • Stalking Shadows Ex-Lover?

    After you'd gone peace was faught for
    And I'd thought I'd found it
    Life had been so easy untill now
    Drama has found me again... more »

  • They Were So Alike

    Hours passed as she waited,
    she could do nothing else.
    He knew about her infatuation.... more »

  • Toss You Out

    Needles on my wrists
    And razor blades on my tongue
    So many things to say
    Hatered flows through these veins... more »

  • Truant

    She closes the door on another argument
    This room and it's perpetual beauty
    Here she can relax but it follows her
    Betrayal tears at her insides... more »

  • Unrequited Fantasy

    Once is not enough
    and want is all I know.
    I am too far gone,
    now he is a necessity.... more »

  • Up On The Roof

    The walls swam,
    paving stones mocked her.
    That interfering teacher,
    who seized the truth.... more »

  • What They'Ve Done

    They think they're it
    They use her for what she does
    They can't see how she hurts
    They've pushed her away too far... more »