• Blackness

    I sit in the blackness and wonder
    What I could have done different
    I wonder what kind of hell this is
    Why is everything going up in smoke... more »

  • Blood

    blood takes over
    and runs down
    my arms to my finger tips
    cut by cut... more »

  • Falls

    Why does it feel like I am falling
    Falling fast and nothing I do
    Is right like no thing
    I do will... more »

  • Fear

    fear takes me in
    glup by glup
    i fight for my life
    i gasp for air... more »

  • Feeling Now

    What is going on
    I am losing the feeling
    The feeling of being needed
    And the feeling you get... more »

  • Feelings

    Why are my feeling
    So go crazy
    Not knowing
    What I want... more »

  • Feelings Of Loss

    i hate this feeling
    the feeling that you have nothing
    you lose everything
    that is close to you... more »

  • Fighting

    yalling and screaming
    scars all over me
    scared to death
    someone please help... more »

  • Gripping

    My grip is slipping
    I can’t hold on
    I am trying to
    But my hands are slipping... more »

  • Hurt

    why do i let myself
    get close to any one
    that is a mistake... more »

  • Killed

    killed in a second
    so young and full of life
    what happened
    what was in her head... more »

  • Lost

    lost in a dream
    in a world of pain
    i want to run and hide
    but something holding me back... more »

  • Love

    Why does it hurt
    So deep inside
    Is this normal... more »

  • Pain

    as i lie in this bed
    with pain all around
    wondering where i could be
    plain white walls and small beds... more »

  • Speed

    we are moving so fast
    i'm scared
    please let's take our time
    i don't want to break up... more »

  • Sucide

    i sit here and wonder
    should i be here
    what do i have left
    to do in this life... more »