• Home

    The grace of his hands
    falls on my cheeks
    the love flowing,
    flowing like the never ending sky... more »

  • Nothingness

    The life once lived snatched away,
    by the inconceivable obsession,
    to drown out the pain and suffering.
    As you once were,... more »

  • Old Glory

    Their blood covers the sands
    by his red stained hands
    The order was barked
    and their fate marked.... more »

  • Tears

    From the deepest depths of the river,
    comes the ever-abiding life
    that will not let go
    that will not end.... more »

  • Tears On The Pillowcase

    I remember the night
    when my world seemed alright
    you promised we would grow old together
    that there would be an 'us' forever... more »

  • The Legacy Unlived

    With the undertones of immortality
    of the fatality
    which seeks to acquire
    the breath which her heart desires... more »

  • The Puppetmaster.

    Say good bye to this loveless romance
    I'm no longer in this trance.
    I no longer crave your touch,
    this pain doesn't hurt so much.... more »

  • The Red Ribbon

    Slipping through the cracks
    of what our lives seem to lack
    The love that once was there
    I can no longer bear... more »