• A Little Bright Light

    Oh it was a cold night
    For I became blind by the sight,
    Looking down at the small bright light that cannot be denyed
    To even fathom what I read... more »

  • About You

    ... more »

  • Anybody Can

    ... more »

  • Bla

    The time I hate
    the time I lie
    the time I run
    the time I die.... more »

  • Can I

    What am I suspose to do?
    what should I do?
    should I just sit here
    or stand?... more »

  • Can You Hear The Sounds

    Can you hear the sounds?

    Can you hear the birds,
    Can you hear the words.... more »

  • Do You Want To Loose Me?

    Art, the beginning of my day. What! Oh I never would have thought of liking you, until the first text given between us. It was a window to opportunity, but wait! I might say the wrong thing.... Oh shoot lets keep it slow, I don't want to loose you. But on the other hand, do you want to loose me?... more »

  • Found It

    I found it!
    so shiny and bright.
    it looked like a big ballone,
    but I found it... more »

  • Holy Place

    I set out to find that one
    that would bring me to where I meet you
    I found him In that big old place
    the Holyness building Ive been going to... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you,
    Like the stars in the sky,
    the river in the ocean.
    Oh I love you!... more »

  • I Wan What I Never Wanted

    As I sit in class and wonder why? I urn for the eyes contact we will never have, why shall I want you? I never wanted you when I had you. So now Im trapped in a puddle of sorrows only looking for your face for a glimpse of what I use to know, an look forward to.... more »

  • In The Mirror

    In the mirror she sees, a face
    A face of a girl that has lost herself
    Stuck in ties and alabies
    She continues to grow, although... more »

  • Life Is A Rollercoaster

    Life is a rollercoaster
    Like the wheels,
    They spin like the wheels on a car
    they have doors to,... more »

  • Life Of A Teen Girl.

    Alarm sounds
    arm moves, snooze button
    mother yells time for school
    she rolls out of bed... more »

  • Me

    ... more »

  • Meet But Once Again

    All but three years agao I left
    I had to go to a new place.
    I feel that I will see him again but thus only in a dream.
    oh mighty god our lord Jesus,... more »

  • My Julite

    ... more »

  • My Love For You

    My love for you is dear,
    But I just want to be near.
    When I'm here by your side
    I know we will be tied.... more »

  • On The Way

    Life is like a drop of rain falling from the sky not knowing its end or destation, just falling and falling till one day it just gets eaiser cause its use to falling... then bam the end is there, no more thoughts, and more dreams. just a puddle of what happened on the way.... more »

  • Random

    ... more »

  • That Time Of Day

    I thought it could be,
    well at least for that moment,
    the day of the time.
    so much,... more »

  • The Daily

    It is the earliest of days
    The sun in my eye
    the birds chirping in my ear, and the sound
    Of my hunny snoring.... more »

  • The Dawn Of Day

    In the day of dawn
    they creap up,
    unto the blistering sun.
    They twist and they turn... more »

  • The Forth Of July

    The day.
    of sparks and flars
    people gather to see
    the fire in the sky,... more »

  • Thus Mt Hair In The Wind

    It flitters and fly's.
    In the wind I go
    to sail across the land,
    that you musent go.... more »