• A Friend

    a friend is like an umbrella,
    like in a rainy day
    sheltering you from the rain...... more »

  • Caged Less Bird

    the bird which flies
    freely across the sky is
    what i want to become... more »

  • Dancing Warrior

    if you can simply dance
    elegantly with a wave of a fan
    you can simply wield a sword of
    a samuari and fight with stance...... more »

  • Farewell...

    Farewell is a word that is filled with sorrow...
    a word that promises nothing
    except sad goodbyes...
    You wave a sudden goodbye,... more »

  • Follow Me

    throughout this cold isolated world
    search for my existence... more »

  • My True Self

    i'll never be a shadow
    that will evetually disappears
    within the dark, the darkness which will consume all
    i'll never be a memory... more »

  • Rain~tears

    placing both of my hands through the window,
    i have only felt every drip of the rain the wondrous
    sky has brought upon us... more »

  • Ronin (Wondering Samurai) - Haiku

    i withdraw my sword
    my blade will make it rain blood
    over the dead's chest... more »

  • Unwritten

    My story is left unwritten,
    Should I undo this past and erase the shame?

    Reality is taught to those who are born, but... more »

  • War - Haiku

    a faint cry is heard
    i lay motionless, breathing
    the pain enters me... more »