Jennifer Juneau's collection, More Than Moon, was a 2006 National Poetry Series finalist. Her poems are published in many journals including American Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, Cincinnati Review, and Seattle Review. One of her poems was recently featured on Verse Daily as poem of the day.


Jennifer Juneau Poems


Midnight bells to boom & still
the frayed maid sucking up to the moon,
that nefarious stepmum, a fossil
in limbo, sexually frustrated & envious me youth,... more »

Conclusion Of The Stone Bard

In the end I was anyone's gimcrack, stung
and marginalized by moonflaw.
A time I rose like knotgrass in the raw
night. Discourse drizzled from my tongue... more »

Then It Came To Me

Even the sun was uncomfortable
the last time we picknicked by the lake,
stale wine and an aging cake
between us. I never realized what stable... more »

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