• Conclusion Of The Stone Bard

    In the end I was anyone's gimcrack, stung
    and marginalized by moonflaw.
    A time I rose like knotgrass in the raw
    night. Discourse drizzled from my tongue... more »

  • History Lesson

    An airtight night driving through Berlin late,
    unsympathetic to time, your steely eyes chained
    to the road like a mindless factory gate.
    I no longer believed in the moon, but what remained... more »

  • Postcard

    Midnight bells to boom & still
    the frayed maid sucking up to the moon,
    that nefarious stepmum, a fossil
    in limbo, sexually frustrated & envious me youth,... more »

  • Then It Came To Me

    Even the sun was uncomfortable
    the last time we picknicked by the lake,
    stale wine and an aging cake
    between us. I never realized what stable... more »