• Always And Forever

    Always and forever I am yours
    But for a brief moment were you mine
    My heart cares not for your imperfections
    My eye sees past any physical flaws... more »

  • Before Time Goes Still

    And I’m climbing a mountain
    I think I’ve reached the peak
    Just as I’m there
    A rock comes loose... more »

  • Broken Dreams

    Everywhere I turn
    I see rain falling
    And rivers of emotion
    Rushing quickly,... more »

  • Can'T He See?

    These tears won’t stop falling
    My heart just keeps breaking
    Can’t he see that I love him... more »

  • City Of Love

    Ah, the city of love
    You cannot find it
    On a map
    For it is located... more »

  • Emotional Fire

    Like a forest fire it spreads,
    Out of control racing through my mind,
    Sending sparks of emotion flying.
    I don’t know why it bothers me so,... more »

  • Fading

    Drifting along through life
    Never amounted to much
    Just another face in the crowd
    Nothing stands out, no sparkle... more »

  • Fever Induced Madness

    So deep within my heart
    Is a story I hold near
    Beaten and abused with time
    Still it stands near breaking... more »

  • Free Of Your Antics?

    Were you expecting a reward?
    Did you honestly think…
    That what you did was acceptable?
    Perhaps you had a thank you in mind?... more »

  • Go Back Home

    And to feel cold as ice in blistering heat
    Is to be a lonely glacier lost in the desert
    All too soon you will melt away to a puddle
    A puddle very quickly sucked away... more »

  • Insistent Ramblings

    Insistent ramblings on white paper
    Words, they do confuse me now
    Glaring sharply back at me
    Daring me to stop, to forget it all... more »

  • Just A Little White Lie

    No, I wasn’t out past curfew
    Never would I drink a single drop
    Oh no, I did not stay up past twelve
    Disobey you? You must be dreaming... more »

  • Lagging Behind

    Why do I feel as though,
    My life has momentarily halted,
    And everyone else rushes on by,
    Passing me up in their quest,... more »

  • Living A Lie

    Hold it all in she tells herself
    As she walks by holding her breath
    Just to keep from crying out to him
    She quickens her pace to keep from... more »

  • Look There!

    Look there! It is the sun
    Spreading her rays of warmth
    Embracing us all with morning
    Peeking out from behind the hill... more »

  • Lost Control

    A knife is nestled in his hand
    Poised and ready
    A perfectly calm exterior
    A raging battle inside... more »

  • Love For Dummies

    Love For Dummies

    1. It’s hard, harder than that trig final
    Hard enough to make you... more »

  • Memories I Could'Ve Had

    I find myself lost in a dream world,
    That will never come true,
    Always I’ll be wishing,
    And never truly living.... more »

  • Missing You

    Foolish I was to even think
    That a week away would strengthen me
    All it did was make me weaker
    The farther away from you I am... more »

  • My Dearest Mother

    You and me, though I came from your womb
    We get along as well as storms and sunshine
    You are the fuse and I am soon to explode
    I am the bullet waiting in the chamber... more »

  • Newspaper Headlines

    Boy Found Dead in Local Alley
    Jewelry Heist Turned Massacre
    Drive-by Kills 5, Injures 9... more »

  • No Gentleman

    You say you’re a gentleman
    But I know, oh I know
    Impoliteness is where you stray
    Favoritism is your plague... more »

  • Oh, My Heart

    Have I done you wrong
    Oh, my heart
    I have allowed you to love
    In this was I mistaken... more »

  • One Brief Moment

    In one brief moment
    You held me close
    You tripped me and I fell
    You destroyed my world... more »

  • One Week Left

    With one week left to live what would you do?
    Waste your precious time lazing on the couch
    A bag of potato chips as your only friend
    Maybe, you would throw a party, get drunk... more »