• A Poem For Bedtime

    My darling son you've given me
    Many years of joy.
    You lie there and I think to myself
    There he is, my boy.... more »

  • A Poet's Journey

    My poems start with a rush of emotion.
    I quickly drink it in like a potion.
    I throw some words around in my head 
    While on the nursery run or lying in bed.... more »

  • For Mummy And Daddy

    Don't worry if you have to work all hours,
    I still think you have super powers.

    Don't worry if you have to tell me off all the time,... more »

  • Ode To A Wonderful Car

    Ode to my Wonderful Car

    With a heavy heart I say goodbye... more »

  • Treasured Friend

    Are you lucky enough to have a friend 
    A friend on whose loyalty you can depend,
    A friend in whose wisdom you always believe,  
    A friend who gives, never expecting to receive,  ... more »