• Best Friend For Life

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  • Can Anyone

    can anyone tell me what to do

    can anyone tell how every thing doing for some one... more »

  • Cant Trust No One

    You can't trust no one

    or anyone... more »

  • Crying Out For Help D:

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  • Dont Go Back To Someone Who Hits You

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  • Dont Look Back

    don't look back
    because if you do its just gonna make everything more worst
    then it is all ready, even though you might want to look back and you know nothing can change... more »

  • How Can I?

    How can i let go a friend

    that i show me how to not let things get to me... more »

  • I Found Something

    i found something that i never thought i could find in anyone
    or should say me because i do know im going threw so many
    things in my life so i thought you would understand but i guess i was just fooling my self you did say that i can ask you for anything but i cant... more »

  • I Love You Not

    i wish i could kno how other see how you treated me

    NOW IM DONE WITH YOU AND NEVER GONNA SAY I LOVE YOU TO ANYONE BECAUSE SAYING I LOVE YOU TO SOMEONE JUST MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL and i know for now i well never say i love you to you and i know now that love is a word that everyone just threw a around cause sound good to say..... like you did to me saying you really love me and i really didnt belive n love till u came a long but now im back where i was before like i said i never will and ever gonna fall for someone who gonna hurt me like you did..... but you will alway be my 1st love and last... more »

  • I Thought

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  • I Thought I Knew

    i thought life would get better
    life just got worst for me can't do nothing for myself like i like i thought i could but i can't someone really ruin my life for me even though im young woman no one can say your young your life just began well guess what it just got bad for me... more »

  • I Thought U Mean It

    i thought you want to be my man

    but i was wrong to listen to you... more »

  • My Heart Is Aching


    Because I'm so in pain
    my heart is aching because you put me to shame... more »

  • No More

    no more of thinking that i cant be somebody

    no more being sad about life because i know what im going
    to be now... more »

  • No One



  • Smile

    when you feel like a miles a way from everything you had
    just wait for a while and make that mile to smile

    smile when you feel like you don't have nothing but yourself so keep on feeling like you need a smile on your face... more »

  • Some Guys Are Jerk

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  • Some One

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  • Tell Me Why

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  • Theres Is Time

    there is time when you just want to end your life

    but really you don't because you know there more to life
    then ended your life... more »

  • This How I Feel

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  • To The Left To The Right

    I'm looking to the left to the right and all i see is the one who is
    standing right in my face saying they love me
    but the true is they don't know what love is... more »

  • What Is Love

    what is love, love is like a pretty person
    what is love, love is like a wind that no one can see its in the air
    what is love, love is like a unborn baby
    what is love, love is like when you lose some one you care so much for........ more »

  • What Happen

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  • What If

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