Jeong Ji-yong, often romanized in literature as Cheong Chi-yong (정지용) (1902–??) was a Korean poet and translator of English poetry who "opened a new horizon of poetic possibilities through chiselled expression, tempered sentiments, and precise visual imagery" according to the scholar of Korean poetry, Brother Anthony.

Cheong Chi-yong was born in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, on May 15, 1902. He attended Whimoon High School and graduated from Japan's Toshishya University with a major in English Literature. While studying at Whimoon High School, he published the literary magazine Bulletin (Yoram) with contemporaries like Park Palyang. In 1926 he began concentrate exclusively on composing poetry and his piece “Cafe France” (Kape peurangseu) was published in Hakjo magazine. Later in life, Jung was active as an associate of Poetry (Simunhak) magazine, and taught at Whimoon High School. After Liberation, he taught at Ewha Womans University, edited the Kyunghyang Daily News, and was a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Korean Writers Federation (Joseon Munhakga dongmaeng). In 1950, at the onset of the Korean War, he was detained by the Government Preservation Department, and then transferred to Pyongyang Prison, where he is believed to have died.


Jeong Ji-Yong Poems


The place where a rill, babbling old tales,
Meanders on eastward toward the end
of a broad plain
And a mottled bull ox lows... more »

Little Brother And The Bottles

The night the owl was hooting,
Big sister's words-
If you break a blue bottle
All at once, a blue sea;... more »

Hide And Seek

Shut my eyes and hide
If you hug up close
round the nut trees and pines,
I'll look high and low.... more »

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