• A Second Of The Clock

    Tick tock listen to the clock
    that counts the seconds which go by.
    With each second which passes
    a life is born,... more »

  • A Way With Words

    How to describe
    ways to explain
    Phrases in order to entertain
    books and stories... more »

  • Disaster Linguist

    French and spanish seem the same to me
    Latin, German I do not seem to see
    Verbs and participles are something quite very queer
    and Dutch in particular, not a word to I hear.... more »

  • Golden Boy

    Your hair is radiant in the light
    Each curl and ringlet in perfection
    Your smile, a comforting glow,
    Moist as dew on grass is your complexion... more »

  • Jade

    Jade is the zest of a lime
    Jade is the stem of a tree
    Jade is the smell of the lawn
    Jade is the salt in the sea... more »

  • Lesson From The Soup Can.

    I’ll tell you of a story,
    Of something quite so strange,
    Which started with a soup can,
    From the Asda® organic range,... more »

  • Little Black Child

    I am a child,
    a little black boy,
    Facing the world of inequality,
    If only I had skin like snow... more »

  • My Last...

    If I were to live this day,
    as if it were my last,
    I'd not think of what was to come,
    But look back upon the past,... more »

  • Opinions

    There is no 'must' in opinions
    There is no right nor wrong
    Whether white is black
    Or black is blue... more »

  • Something To Say

    I see you smile and I’m sorry,
    I can’t get myself to say,
    And it seems to drag and hurt even more
    With every passing day,... more »

  • Sweet Shop

    Take out a penny and clasp it in your hand,
    Scan the jars of humbugs and strawberry lace strands,
    Lick your lips in satisfaction and yearn for sweet taste
    Different sweets, some hard and some as smooth as paste,... more »

  • The Riddler

    A puzzle can get lost sometimes
    And its job as you can tell
    Is to complete a picture of some kind
    Perhaps of a fairy tale... more »

  • Wishing Won'T Get You Anywhere...

    If you did spot a star tonight,
    I ask what would you do?
    Would you sit and wish upon it.
    and hope it would come true?... more »