• Angel Falls

    Bleeding hearts like speeding darts
    Into darkness we will fall, stumbling into a wall
    Blood from Angel Falls will pour, like a dying dinosaur
    Bloody rage! Bloody rage! All these Angels in a cage... more »

  • Marching To The Shores Of Hell

    Marching to the shores of hell
    Marching under Satan's spell

    Marching militant despair... more »

  • Molech

    Molech, I no longer serve
    You'll never get what you deserve

    All the pain you caused to leave... more »

  • The Hurt

    Contemplating suicide while sitting here alone
    Wishing in this deadly hour I could use the phone

    To tell you 'Girl I love you so with all my bleeding heart... more »

  • This Journey

    There was a time I looked upon a small but potent star,
    deciding that my leadership would take me somewhere far.
    Deciding that I had but not a minute left to waste,
    I packed my room inside a box and left in every haste.... more »

  • You Girl

    A girl that makes me happy, a girl that makes me cry.
    A girl that makes me laugh when all I wanna do is die.

    A girl that understands, and will not turn her back.... more »