Currently attending the University of Evansville; I am double majoring in Art and Education in addition to a minor in Creative Writing. I hope to obtain my doctorate and teach at a college level. In my freshman year of college I won several awards including: Outstanding Freshman Artist and 1st Place for Poetry in the yearly writing competition. I will most definetly be writing and doing independant artwork in addition to teaching.

'There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
-Henry David Thoreau


Jeremy D. Grimes Poems

Supermarket Parking Lot At 11 Pm

Cool wind
A bleak spring morning
After a short, hard rain... more »

The Window

The sky above the endless fields,
Where clouds of pink succumb to black.
Off lying sights away will fade,
As Twilight’s Trolly runs it’s track.... more »

A Note On Apathy

Sing- Oh woken Bosnian child,
Sing to the world its own selfish notes.
Remind them that all men regress back
To the God-soaked cord of giving... more »

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