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    And I waited for it to slowly dissipate
    A year has passed us by so quickly
    Didn't even remember our anniversary
    But every night I dream of our last kiss... more »

  • "Blood Must Have Blood"

    Water flows
    Ice cracks
    Veins freeze
    Bones creak... more »

  • "Self Discovery"

    Self discovery isn't change
    It isn't progressing
    And it's not trying new things
    It's more, reviewing what is.... more »

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    At that time 9: 52 in the PM he found himself
    In front of lit skyscrapers and city commotion
    The flowers in his hand still wet from the rain
    Drowning sounds great right about now... more »

  • A Laugh Of Love

    I have my head on her lap
    Fast asleep I lay without worries
    She caresses my hair and looks at me
    Touching my face she smiles... more »

  • A Thorn For Every Heart, And A Heart For Every Rose

    You were the girl who's heart was shattered as it froze
    Now your so cold to everyone my little Rose
    I've come to accept you for who you are
    And we're hanging out together now isn't that bizarre?... more »

  • A Thousand Shades Of Cold

    I've been living in a thousand shades of cold
    Where a thousand people live
    In a thousand little houses
    They gossip a couple thousand times... more »

  • Actors In A Movie

    I don't mean to be rude
    But I can see you lying there,
    Against the building where we walked down
    Every day.... more »

  • Am I An Abstract Painting In A Gallery Full Of Still Life's, Or Is That Just My Ego?

    I am different, I'm not like the others, I'm unique
    My writing style is an unknown technique
    My soul is a colorful mess
    My lips whisper tales of old, though my eyes are colorless... more »

  • Am I Special?

    I've been thinking
    Not like me
    But like artist, and poetic Jeremy
    I've been wondering... more »

  • An Ode To Time

    As time goes on everything gets better
    Myself and everyone around me will time wither
    Time is fun and happy yet sorrowful and lonely
    time is not just me, myself, and only... more »

  • Anguish Of A Struggling Poet

    I'm overwhelmed with disappointment
    If only I were a better person
    Stronger intellectually
    To identify what is wrong with me... more »

  • Are There Monsters In My Attic Or Is It All Inside My Head?

    I hear the noises commin' from up above
    Is it a monster in the attic?
    Or could it be the wind?
    Late at night I hear them talkin' about me... more »

  • As The Days Go By

    As the days go by I wither away
    Everyone is dying every minute, of every second, of every day
    As the days go by I watch the clouds go by
    As day turns to night I watch the stars shoot out across the sky... more »

  • Awkward Penguin Love

    I'm a little awkward like the penguin from Happy Feet
    But can you hear the thunder love? It's really my heartbeat
    What noise does a penguin make? Quack, chirp, aderp?
    I have no clue I don't even own a tux but I have a nice dress shirt 😂... more »

  • Ballad Of A High School Kid

    He woke up early to text on his phone
    But had locked it in his mother's car
    He missed the bus and had to run to school
    It's a good thing school was close... more »

  • Be Like Me.

    If I told you who I really was would you still think I'm pretty?
    Cause honestly my intentions are pretty shitty
    My words are my insurance to hold your thoughts hostage
    Or maybe I'm invisible and I need a throat louzange... more »

  • Beauty In A Song

    There is beauty in a song
    That makes us happy we were gone
    We can do whatever we want to do
    Just as long as I'm with you... more »

  • Birds Of A Feather....

    I miss you, the next time I see you can I hold your hand?
    It makes it easier, b/c against the world is where we stand
    But against the wall is where I want you to be
    The friction, adrenaline, my breathe all you'll be able to see... more »

  • Black Bird

    Little black bird swinging in the tree tops
    Little black bird singing as the dew drops
    Seeing the world as it is, not what it wants it to be
    Flying through the air, gliding on wings spread so free... more »

  • Bottled Expectations

    Stepping out of the car
    I stare up at the stars flickering like your eyes
    I search for the moon but can't seem to find it
    My fingers stained with smoke... more »

  • Broken And Bleeding Out

    Do you know what it's like to live in a world that's black and white?
    Do you know how it feels to have no sight?
    Walking aimlessly with no eyes, only poison in your veins?
    My animal instinct tells me I should run from all my worries and pains... more »

  • By The Fire

    ... more »

  • Caring

    If I act like I don't care it's probably a lie
    I'm hiding the fact that I'm fucked up inside
    If I don't hear from you I get worried
    I have room on my shoulder for your burdens to be carried... more »

  • Carve This Chaos On My Chest

    Tell me you see me naked and bare
    Staining our hearts with the secrets that we've shared
    Tell me everything is gonna be okay even when I know you have no clue
    Tell me you sense the sparks holding my hand close beside your body... more »