• Chasing Tail Lights

    All the calm night cigarettes
    Listening to soft acoustic cassettes
    Looking off into the distance
    Chasing tail lights as they pass, trapped in their trance... more »

  • Christmas Lights In The Middle Of June

    I hate when people have Christmas lights out in the middle of June
    Christmas has already past it's too late, or to soon depending on how you look at it
    But still they should be put away in the attic
    That holiday took place months ago quit being lazy... more »

  • Cigarette And The City

    At some point I didn't give a shit about anything not even myself
    Things didn't look the way they had before so full of life and wonder on a top shelf
    And at that moment all I wanted was a cigarette
    Because I was tired of being treated less than a human and more like a pet... more »

  • Cig-Scented Vanilla

    I buy the candles that remind me of your scent
    The smoke when burnt out reminds me of a cigarette
    We shared, like always we shared
    Those glances,... more »

  • Cold Mornings And Goodbyes

    A cold winter morning
    Warm hand resting in my freezing hand
    Close for warmth she's holding
    As everyone around us stand... more »

  • Cruise Control & Loving You

    Searching for a reason to keep going
    On and on the days roll by and by
    Easy listenin' aint a rollercoaster ride
    So we turned the radio up... more »

  • Cutting Teeth And Craving To Tell The Truth

    I bite my tongue
    The scabs in my mouth
    Scrape against my teeth
    I start to bleed again... more »

  • Dark Is The Soul

    ... more »

  • Dark Tower

    Wooden floorboards
    Splintered key chords
    Piano and an ivory voice
    She plays and sings without choice... more »

  • Devil And I

    I heard your whisper last night carried by the wind
    I felt happiness and it seemed my heart, it had been mend
    But alas the whisper turned to tortured screams
    My distraughtness twisted and warped my dreams... more »

  • Don't Say It Boy

    Maybe I'm no Demon, and you're no Angel
    But we're still a lil much for people to tangle
    I've done went an sinned but don't want no redemption
    Forget all the debauchery and temptation?... more »

  • Dr.Seuss Can Go Fly A Kite

    Was a very silly goose
    Who liked to rhyme and riddle
    Compared to him I'm in the middle... more »

  • Draw Me As You'd Express

    Draw me as a beautiful, ugly mess
    Color me as I stare far away, abiding in my cluelessness
    Shade me with granite and ink blacker than the darkness
    Reflect my heart, my soul, with pretty paints and newness... more »

  • Dreams Unspoken

    I thought you loved me
    I dreamed of us
    Held you in my arms
    Stayed up late at night... more »

  • Dry Bones

    Dust collects in a pile under my bed
    I figure nobody looks below dark places
    No one searches for a problem
    Deeper than the surface shows... more »

  • Dumpster Diving

    ... more »

  • Empty Vessel

    You dragged out the most essential sentiments in me
    I handed it to you in a box with gift wrap and a bow
    You threw me your present but when I opened it
    They were claws that shred the rest of me apart... more »

  • Enough For Me

    I still remember the first time we kissed
    Everything that was running through my mind that I missed
    I can still feel your hand in mine
    My fingers grazing, caressing yours in circles not a line... more »

  • Farewell Mademoiselle

    I shed a tear in fear that this may be the end
    Thank you for being my friend
    For putting up with me all these years
    I hope that me leaving doesn't bring back your fears... more »

  • Field Of Meadow And Heart Of Shield

    Shutting my eye lids I see a fluttering meadow
    Disrupted by the noisy shutters hitting the window
    I open my portals and my pupils stare out at the sun
    Imprinting me with eternal darkness because I am dumb... more »

  • Flip

    They say this train lasts forever, it'll never, ever slow
    They say it leads to the ocean, but who can really know?
    They say Death's their mistress, but I don't even care
    Life is what we make it, cause one worth living is rare... more »

  • Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo

    I have never joined the Army
    Or been aboard a submarine alongside the Navy
    I've never looked to the skies as the Air Force does Ma
    I've never wanted to be a Marine, Hoorah!... more »

  • Fragmented Love

    I realised I subconsciously decide to do better
    Only after a break up or something negative happens
    I try to workout to be stronger, grow to be more capable
    Once it's already too late... more »

  • Functional Relationship

    Thought I forgot?
    Were you sad when you realized I had not?
    I think it's for the best things remain as they are now
    Cause you want me to love you again but I don't know how... more »

  • God Tested, I Failed, He Forgave

    So many sleepless nights spent
    And all the promises unkept
    I couldn't stand to get out of bed
    I wanted to forget what was said... more »