• A Letter To My Mom

    dream mom,
    im writing this letter to you for some reason
    i miss you and love you, even through the seasons;
    my life styles is great... more »

  • A Song After Midnight

    i was satnding on a plato after dark
    and a gentle song was in the distance,
    but dim and light apon my heart.... more »

  • After Work

    coming up the street
    in the cool southern air
    i feel rough hand on my heart
    passing old men sitting on a stoop playing cards... more »

  • Angel

    an angel of a face is what i thought;
    when i caught an eye full of you,
    a smile that wasn't meat for me,
    as you clear out the veiw.... more »

  • Another Spring

    the seasons revolve and the years change
    with the no assistance or supervision
    the moon, without taking thought
    moves in it's cycle, full, crescent, and full... more »

  • Celebrate

    let us celebrate the life we live and enjoy the days;
    the trees and birds, and fruit we sometimes crave;
    the time and hours that that you spent with him or her
    celebrate the from the highest mountain, or lowest peck... more »

  • First Love

    my face turned pale as deadly pale
    my legs refused to walk away
    and when she looked ' what can i ail?
    my life seem to turn to clay... more »

  • Halloween Night

    halloween night is here,
    im ready to trick -or-treat,
    im putting on my costume,
    and mask so i won't show no fear,... more »

  • Here's To You

    you gave the heart and tears
    the cloud days and rain falls
    at times you seem so clear
    thinking of other things is all... more »

  • Just To Say

    i woke up one morning and you're still here
    i told you to go
    and never pass judgment... more »

  • Old Car

    I pass by it everyday after school,
    and i see my dad's old car sitting in the drive,
    i has cought some rust,
    and the tires are worm and flat.... more »

  • Poems

    They are made to sooth the heart,
    and sometimes are made to create a vistion of things
    you read about....
    love and hate,... more »

  • Remembering You

    tonight seems so calm and quite;
    the tv turn low and making faces at the wall
    and then you came to mind
    as the smell of you still remain apon my sheets... more »

  • Romantics

    the modern biograhers worry
    ' how far it went, ' their tender friendship
    they wonder just what it means
    when he writes he thinks of her constantly... more »

  • Stay Awhile

    stay awhile she said,
    then stay to an to the end of time;
    please stay she says;
    an leave all things behind.... more »

  • Summer Morning

    summer morning
    in the dawn light, louisiana,
    a sweet town, bleak, god knows
    but sweet sometimes. And... more »

  • The One That Got Away

    we stood on the rented patio
    while the party went on inside
    you knew the groon from college
    and i was a friend of the bride... more »

  • What To Do

    setting here alone trying to shake a feeling;
    hoping it's not true;
    the heart freezes after a cold shoudler;
    we said our goodbyes at the front door... more »

  • What's My Name

    what's my name, my sweet,
    as i stand in a cloud of the undream
    and lingering thought
    that strays from me.... more »