• Ador

    Ladies of the court, with grace and charm,
    All walk with our Ador.
    Ladies of love, and courtesans of song,
    All these and more.... more »

  • Ages Past

    Planes of Mirage, clouds of mist, lie deep,
    Freed by light.
    Ages past, lost to all eyes, dwell below,
    Waiting for life.... more »

  • Banner

    Warriors in iron mail, still and ready,
    Stood in silence.
    A banner of blue, dark blue, blew in the wind.
    Above the spears.... more »

  • Barren Waste

    Mount, ride my Prince, son of our Queen,
    Lead us to Gold.
    Pale is the horse, the dim white horse,
    That I now do hold.... more »

  • Cave Of Shadows

    Fast, fast the river flows,
    White with waves.
    Speeding thru cold years,
    Icy, dark days.... more »

  • Champion Of The Queen

    In cold darkness, stood the tall tower,
    Red, of glowing stone.
    Among the shadows walked the Queen,
    Our Lady Fair, alone.... more »

  • Chariot

    Brave queen of chariot, queen of sail,
    See the milling horde.
    Truth and love, spear and sword,
    Weep for your Lord.... more »

  • Children Of Darkness

    Wolves dance in circles of stone,
    Children of Darkness.
    Maidens spin, turn for the Lady,
    Queen and High Priestess.... more »

  • Children Of Dawn

    Fire dances, circles of stone, leaping high,
    Night flows, silently, outside.
    Stones dance, in shadows, shadows of fear,
    Fear carried, with the tide.... more »

  • Chill Warning

    Wolves howl, chill warning,
    Song of blood.
    Hunters smile, men reach for spears,
    Stone, one with wood. ... more »

  • Craft

    Forward sailed the royal craft, ebony and gold,
    Gleaming with jewels.
    Sails of red great circles made, racing the clouds,
    Before a gale of rage.... more »

  • Cruel And Fleet

    Our Lady of Wolves, soft and kind,
    Dance with us, brave one.
    Run, leader of hunters, cruel and swift,
    Slay her, the waiting, swift deer.... more »

  • Cruel Babylon

    Thunder, cruel master, sounds far away,
    Ashes blow in the sky.
    Fear walks the street, cries ring out,
    Filling the empty square.... more »

  • Crusade Of The Last Days

    Your knights of the Cross sail today,
    Bound for the South.
    Grant us peace, grant us mercy, Lord,
    On the Crusade of the Last Days.... more »

  • Crystal Palace

    Near the centre, near Saint Peters,
    Stands the Crystal palace,
    In the palace, near the silver fountain,
    Sleeps our Queen, all in lace.... more »

  • Dance

    Around the lone, tired man, hunters,
    Wolves, a circle formed.
    Wolves, white wolves, howled,... more »

  • Dancer Of Luzon

    Dancer, spinning in silk, turn to me,
    I do burn.
    Lady in black, Maid of Fire, burn me,
    Come, return.... more »

  • Dawn

    Stars turn, slaying and burning,
    Eyes flash.
    Dawn searches, and night flees,
    Bronze blades slash.... more »

  • Dreams And Shadows

    Flames, dreams, candles, shadows,
    All dance in sight.
    Flames on a far, dim hill, or near,
    Close, in the night.... more »

  • Empire At Dawn

    Free the captives, return them to Cebu,
    Their oaths sworn.
    Spare the son of mine enemy, their King,
    Fallen and torn.... more »

  • Empire Of Darkness

    Gold I cast before you, the vanquished stand in chains,
    Captives all, rebels now lost.
    Fallen kings do lie in pools of blood, red and torn,
    What matters the cost?... more »

  • Flowers In The Dim Light

    I saw a lone bird, high in the morning light

    I thought of your voice... more »

  • Gold

    High, over the sea, stands the Lady,
    With spear of gold.
    On hills of pure silver, hard driven,... more »

  • Green Shield

    In blackness stood the tower,
    Built of black stone,
    Among shadows walked,
    Weeping, our lady, alone.... more »

  • Her Robe

    The concubine had dark tresses,
    Her skin was soft.
    Her robe was of blue; fine silk.
    Torn at the side.... more »