• Gone

    He is gone and not coming back
    I have figured this out on my own
    Yes I do miss him
    And always will... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you so much
    No one could take that away
    You have no clue how much
    I want to see your face... more »

  • Making You Happy

    Cold victim lying in my arms
    Why did you do this?
    All along you hated who he was
    Now I cant stand to know who you are... more »

  • My Everything

    he is my savoir
    he is my lord
    god is king of everything... more »

  • Princess Pain

    This princess knows no better
    Than how to be a waiter
    This royalty means nothing to her
    She wants to be happy... more »

  • Questions

    who are you
    who am i
    am i your imagination
    a creation made to amuse you... more »

  • So I'M Black

    I’m hated and mistreated
    Also tired of being beaten
    You don’t know the way we fell
    Hopefully one day we will heal... more »

  • Suicides

    Suicides just like me
    Think everyday of things that just can’t be
    We always think of why we aren’t happy... more »

  • The Way I Feel

    No one knows the way I feel
    It’s unlikely to be healed
    I have fallen off the face of the earth
    For there is nothing else that is worth... more »

  • Uncertain

    love is uncertain
    no one person can hold on to long
    love is unknown
    no one person can explain it... more »