• My Sore Elbow

    I have a sore elbow
    From a fall the other day
    It is from a fall
    That I took on the ice... more »

  • My Swollwn Leg

    Someone came up to me
    At church today
    And wanted to know
    If I hurt my legI hurt it in at car-truck accident... more »

  • My Weight Problem

    I love it when
    People always tell me
    Of the way I should handle
    My weight problem... more »

  • Need To Be In Control

    I guess I have to be
    The one that's in control
    Of my own emotions
    And not let them out... more »

  • Nerves

    ... more »

  • New Man Around

    Oh, don't you just love it
    When there's a new man around
    Who has some new ideas
    On how to do things... more »

  • New Years Eve

    It's the end of a year again
    And we all reflect
    On the events of the last year
    And our hopes for the next year... more »

  • No One Will Help

    I always love the faact
    That everybody will seem
    To ask me for help
    When they think they need it... more »

  • Noboday Cares

    Don't you just love it
    When you try to tell people
    About what you're doing
    And nobody cares... more »

  • Nobody's Perfect

    You sometimes feel
    That you should be
    The perfect person
    Who never makes a mistake... more »

  • Not Knowing Directions

    It mau seem kind of funny
    When you can't tell directions
    That you always seem to be
    Lost wherever you go... more »

  • Not Making It

    Isn't it amazing
    How people treat you
    When you don't seem to
    Be making it... more »

  • Not What I Want

    How do you tell someone
    That's not what I want
    When they are so demanding
    When they are so much of a complainer... more »

  • Not Working

    I love it when people say to me
    That I am not working
    Because then they can refuse me
    Aide in any way... more »

  • Nothing Is Off Limits

    Sometimes you start to wonder
    If you should keep on writing
    When nothing is off limits
    And everything's a subject... more »

  • Oh, How I Like

    Oh, how I like
    When the poetry I write
    Doesn't even show up
    On my website... more »

  • Oh, How I Love

    Oh, how I love
    The early morning hours
    And how peaceful it seems
    And how relaxing it is... more »

  • Open House

    There is an open house
    At the place where I live
    And I could be paart
    Of the people who show up... more »

  • Our Best

    We sometimes wonder why
    Some people seem to be
    Able to do things
    And not even have a care... more »

  • Our Bodies Reacting

    Sometimes we can't understand
    Why our bodies are
    Ewacting in the way
    That they are... more »

  • Oversleeping

    Don't you just love it
    When you oversleep
    When you get behind
    Because you overslept... more »

  • Ownership

    It seems a shame to think
    That you don't own the things you do
    Because of a simp; e paper
    That you didn't file... more »

  • Par For The Course

    Why should I be surprised
    When people sstart to tell me
    How to live my life
    When that's par for the course... more »

  • Party Time

    It's party time for me
    Since my girlfriend's gone
    And I don't have to answer
    About what I am doing... more »

  • People Have The Power

    Sometimes I wonder why
    People are complaining
    About the way things are
    When they have the power to change them... more »