• People Watching You

    Don't you just love it
    When people are watching you
    Watching for any little mistake
    That you might make... more »

  • Picture Frames

    I think that
    One of the best things
    That my dad did
    Was to make picture frames... more »

  • Playing Checkers

    Playing checkers
    Is someting that I do
    To relax in the morning
    So that I can face the day... more »

  • Power

    Power is something
    That shouldn't be taken lightly
    It is the most important thing
    That we can have in life... more »

  • Power Of The Written Word

    I like having
    This new power that I've found
    Of puttong my words down
    On a piece of paper... more »

  • Power Struggle With Me

    It seems that everybody has
    A power struggle, you see
    An idea that they
    Have to be the one in charge... more »

  • Prepare

    We all have to be
    Prepared for all things
    At all times
    In our lives... more »

  • Privacy

    Is it to much to ask
    To keep a little secret
    To want a little privacy
    To not tell who you really are... more »

  • Private Thoughts

    We always have these thoughts
    That we should keep private
    And shouldn't feel the need
    To tell everyone about them... more »

  • Problems We'Re Facing Today

    Oh, how I love hearing about
    The problems we're facing today
    Is it different from
    The problems of generations before... more »

  • Professional

    A professional is someone
    Who does something for money
    It can be almost anything
    That one could ever imagine... more »

  • Promoting Yoursellf

    I have never been very good
    At promoting mysellf
    I have aalwaays been told
    That I'm throwiing a fit... more »

  • Protecting People

    What is a person supposed to do
    When the only way that you knoww to protect
    Is to push them away
    From all of the pain annd the huurt... more »

  • Proud

    I'm proud that I survived
    A car accident when I was five
    From injuries that would have
    Broken the strongest of men... more »

  • Punishment

    I just love the fact
    That I will get punished
    For being good at something
    Like I did something wrong... more »

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate has always been
    A funny business to be in
    It can make you a lot of money
    Or it can send you to the poor house... more »

  • Recognition

    Don't you just love it
    When someone makes faces at you
    When you try to say thank you
    For something that they did... more »

  • Reflection

    How do you feel
    If you took a reflection
    Of your life
    And how you lived it... more »

  • Relaxing Today

    I guess that Sunday is
    A day of relaxing
    But, sometiimes it seems
    So hard to relax... more »

  • Remembered My Pen

    ... more »

  • Remembering The Day Of Rest

    I know that we get caught up
    In the activities of the day
    And we seem to forget
    What the day of rest is for... more »

  • Remembering The Sick

    I know that we get caught up
    In our own lives Lord
    That we sometiimes
    Forget about the sick... more »

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy is
    The wave of the future
    And, if we don't start developing it
    We won't be able to survive... more »

  • Renewable Energy Building

    I am the one who holds
    A copyright on
    A drawing of
    A renewable energy building... more »

  • Respect

    Why is it
    That the world out there
    Has to act the way they do
    Instead of showing a little respect... more »