• Ripped Off

    I love it when someone
    Starts to steal from you
    Just like you don't even matter
    Just like they don't even care... more »

  • Rules

    If there's one thing that I can't stand
    It is a bunch of rules
    Boundries that you can't cross
    Like you're a bunch of little children... more »

  • Running Peoples Lives

    Don't you just love it
    When people are right there to say
    How you're supposed to do things
    In your everyday life... more »

  • Running Your Own Business

    Oh, we always think
    That it would be fun
    To run your own businees
    And be your own boss... more »

  • Sad

    I just think it's sad
    The missuse of things today
    Programs for the needy
    Are controlled by the greedy... more »

  • Safety Net

    We have always wanted
    To have a safety net
    Around us so that
    We don't have to worry... more »

  • Saying Good-Bye

    How do you say
    Good-bye to a loved one
    Who is at
    The end of his life... more »

  • Saying What I Think

    Sometimes I have to wonder
    Why it is that I
    Get myself in trouble
    Saying what I think... more »

  • Saying What You Want

    I love the way
    That people will use
    A lot of words
    To say what they want... more »

  • Saying You'Re Sorry

    How do you tell
    Someone that you're sorry
    For something that you did
    Back when you were a kid... more »

  • Schedules

    What do you do
    When your schedules
    Don't seem to work out
    And you have to adjust... more »

  • Secrecy

    Sometimes the only way
    To get things done in these days
    Is to do things in secrecy
    So that no one will know... more »

  • Security Is A Joke

    Don't you just love it
    When you go into
    A brand new place
    Where security is a joke... more »

  • She Didn'T Even Get It

    She didn't get the poems
    Were actually about her
    She just read them off
    Like she was so important... more »

  • She's At It Again

    She's at it again
    Trying to prove to everyone
    That she's the most important thing
    To ever come along... more »

  • She's Gotten Hurt

    I have a lady friend, you see
    Who has gotten hurt from all this
    Argueing over what I do
    And can not do these days... more »

  • Should We Be The Ones

    Should we be the ones
    WHo change the world
    In soome great way
    That everybody takes notice... more »

  • Showing You Who's In Charge

    Don't you just love it
    WHen someone has toshow you
    Who's in charge
    Like you don't already know... more »

  • Sitting By Yourself

    Sitting by yourself
    In the middle of the night
    You start to wonder
    About the choices you have made... more »

  • So Strange

    Doesn't it seem strange
    That a person would need
    A nap right after
    Your morning coffee... more »

  • Some Of My Best Work

    Some of my besst work
    Seems to come from
    When I'm very upset
    About the way I'm treated... more »

  • Someone We'Re Not

    How come it seems
    That we always want to be
    Someone we're not
    Like a great big phony... more »

  • Someone Who Won'T Grow Up

    Don't you just love it
    When there is somebody
    Who has t obe
    Acting so silly... more »

  • Someone's Impersonating Me

    Oh, how I love it
    When someone tries
    To impersonate me
    To do what I do... more »

  • Sometimes I Have To Wonder

    Sometimes I have to wonder
    About how things would have been
    If I would have done something
    Different in my life... more »