• The Writing Mood

    I have to get
    Into the writing mood
    To do any writing
    That makes any sense... more »

  • There Are Times

    There are times
    When we just want to stop
    And give up on something
    And just lay down and stop... more »

  • They Didn'T Even Ask

    They didn't even ask
    What happened to my dad
    During the past week
    At church today... more »

  • They Didn'T Even Notice

    They didn't even notice
    The notice in the paper
    They are just to busy
    Living their own lives... more »

  • They Don'T Go And Visit

    They don't go and visit
    The sick like they should
    But, then they might wonder
    About the mood I'm in... more »

  • They Just Don'T Understand

    They just don't understand
    What's going on with me
    Or is it that
    They don't want to be bothered... more »

  • They Just Ran Down Computers

    They ran down computers
    In my coffee group
    And they said that
    People aren't working today... more »

  • They Just Want To Complaain

    Did you ever think that
    There are certain people
    That all that they want to do
    Is complain about the way things are... more »

  • This Had Better Be It

    This had better be it
    In all of his health needs
    For he has been through
    Oh, so very much in this year... more »

  • Throwing Things

    I haven't begun
    To start throwing things
    Because nobody notices
    The ad in the paper... more »

  • Thunderstorm

    Oh, how I love to be awaken
    In the middle of the night
    By the sound of a thunderstorm
    By the force of the thunder... more »

  • Time Change

    Oh, I love the time of year
    When the time changes
    It takes so long
    To get used to the time... more »

  • Time To Get Up

    Oh, I don't seem to mind
    About the time of day
    That I seem to want
    To get up and start my day... more »

  • Time To Rest

    I guess it's time to rest
    All of the days chores are done
    All of the mistakes are forgotten
    And it's time to go to bed... more »

  • Time To Stop

    I guess it's time to stop
    Writing for a while
    And to relax
    And let myself be free... more »

  • Time's Running Out

    Time's running out
    For our generation
    To get done what it needs to
    Before we pass the torch... more »

  • To Be Happy

    Why do we always seem to
    Be doing things that make us misserable
    In our way of life
    In what we do... more »

  • Tony Jones

    There was a man name Tony Jones
    Who valued everything he owned
    Who loooked at life
    And believed in life... more »

  • Trained To Do

    What do you do
    When you're not allowed
    To do what
    You're trained to do... more »

  • Traveling

    Traveling used to be
    A lot of fun you see
    When gas was cheap
    And people could afford it... more »

  • Treated Like Dirt

    What would you do
    If you were the one
    Treat like dirt
    And not being helped out... more »

  • Trying To Stay Healthy

    What woulld you do
    If you were the one
    Treated like dirt
    And not being helped out... more »

  • Trying Your Hand At Something

    Oh, it's so much fun
    To be trying your hand at something
    That you haven't done for aa long tiime
    That you're not really good at... more »

  • Turning On The Heat

    It seems kind of odd to me
    When you have to start
    Turning on the heat in August
    In the middle of the summer... more »

  • Very Deadly

    Don'r you just love it
    When someone shows up
    To protect the important person
    Who is very deadly... more »