• Visiting The Doctor

    Visiting the doctor
    After the year I've had
    Is going to be an adventure
    Into trying to explain things... more »

  • Waiting

    Sitting here waiting
    On a cool November day
    For things to start up
    And open for the day... more »

  • Waiting For People

    Oh, how I love
    Waiting for people
    To get through with what they're doing
    Or to just show up... more »

  • Waiting For The Axe To Fall

    It seems that the worst thing
    Is going to happen to you
    And you just can't stand
    Waiting for the axe to fall... more »

  • Wake Up

    How do you get
    Someone to wake up
    Do you scream and shout
    Or do you give them a nudge... more »

  • Walking Over People

    Why do people think
    That they have to walk over people
    To show off how important they are
    And how much better than you they are... more »

  • Want Ads

    Oh, don't you just love it
    To look at the want ads
    To find out if we can find
    What we want at a baargin... more »

  • Want Solar Panels

    It seems today that
    Everybody wants solar panels
    To save on the price of electricity
    And to help save the environment... more »

  • Warmed Up Coffee

    Oh, i always seem to love
    The day after I make coffee
    And warm up yesterdayss coffee
    To finish out the pot... more »

  • Waste

    Oh, how I love
    The people who waste things
    They just can't seem to find
    A use for what they have... more »

  • Wasting Food

    I just love it when
    You have to start wasting food
    You let the beens grow
    To big in the garden... more »

  • Wasting Things

    I really love the fact
    Of people who will
    Just waaste things all of the time
    Like there's an endless supply... more »

  • Watching Old Movies

    One of my favorite pastimes
    Is watching old movies
    It is a nice way
    To kill an afternoon... more »

  • Watching The Nurses Station

    Sometimes, it seems so funny
    Looking at the nurses station
    From my fathers hospital room
    When he's in the hospital... more »

  • We Are Not To Questiion

    We are not to question
    Why things happen
    The way that they do
    Or when they do... more »

  • We Are Not Worthy

    We are not worthy
    Of the saalvation
    That we have been offered
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ... more »

  • We Ate To Much

    It always seems that
    We eat to much
    On a holiday feast
    As we give thanks... more »

  • We Can All Relax

    We can all relax
    For the thing that has
    Stressed us out has
    Come to an end... more »

  • We Did What We Could

    We did what we could
    In our lives on this earth
    And we can be happy
    With what we did with our lives... more »

  • We Do What We Can

    We do what we can
    In the time
    That we have been given
    By the Lord above... more »

  • We Don'T Stop And Say

    We don't stop and say
    That we are so thankful
    To our Lord above
    About how things worked out... more »

  • We Don'T Understand

    We don't understand
    Why things happen the way they do
    And why the people you seem clossest to
    Have the worst luck in life... more »

  • We Have All Done Things

    We have all done things
    That we wish we'd never done
    BUt, in the end
    We will just have to reflect... more »

  • We Have Our Own Ways

    We have our own ways
    Of touching peoples lives
    And helping them through
    The world today... more »

  • We Have So Little Time

    We have so little time
    To spend on this great earth
    To solve the worlds problems
    Or to create new ones... more »