• A Film Star In Babylon

    Half covering your face,
    you approach,
    shamelessly ashamed.
    Thin, pale by moon, with loose blonde curls.... more »

  • A Late Bird

    A late bird, your song flutters, heart to heart.
    I see notes hanging from telephone wires,
    then falling softly into the deep grass.
    And I lay there, staring out of this world,... more »

  • A Life In The Day

    A Life In The Day

    Up before the pride sets in, darkness crawls and twists,
    devils of the mind erupt, bind you by the wrists.... more »

  • A Square Of Soft Words

    A square of soft words.
    Draw finger snap thoughts,
    and I run, dropping the world,
    fool into slaughters gape.... more »

  • Agay

    ‘You’ll have to find somebody else now’,
    and she spoke to the green in his eyes,
    there was nothing from nothing about it,
    so the laws of the jungle seemed wise.... more »

  • Air Raid

    A curly jigsaw sky,
    protrudes from the edge of dawn,
    overlapping this new mown field.... more »

  • And I Will Whisper

    And I will whisper in your ear,
    most any wish you’d like to hear,... more »

  • And I Won'T Cry

    And I Won’t Cry

    So what do you want to know?
    I don’t know where I’m going,... more »

  • Another Station

    You and I
    and platform one, all still.... more »

  • Are You Happy With It?

    Are you happy with it?
    I asked the smiling man,
    his head nodding, so fast,
    I could not catch his... more »

  • Are You Speeding?

    There’s an FBI style earpiece,
    so you’re tuned straight in to god,
    and your self importance rockets
    as the world believes you’re shod... more »

  • Arise

    The seagulls caught me,
    counting my curses
    like a dead man,
    talking in mental replies... more »

  • As And Where And Why

    As and why and where my love,
    as and where and why,
    things that balance off the shelf,
    fall up to the sky.... more »

  • Auction

    5.15 and all the world lies dead
    they spoke their last then upped a mobile bid,
    I couldn’t save a million with your kiss,
    so fell asleep and dreamed like princes did.... more »

  • Bandstand


    I saw you there, among invisible notes,
    by a melancholy bandstand,... more »

  • Billy Moon

    It was read by a child who’d been playing all day,
    and the sketch of her prints had got carried away... more »

  • Blue Boys

    Blue Boys

    Frozen in a field of time, grazing grass esteem,
    blue boys out to play awhile, Wormwood Scrubs us clean,... more »

  • Bracklesham

    The sun’s going to sting in a minute,
    along West beach to Bracklesham Bay,
    you see heaven is open and selling,
    by the pound, with a well stocked display.... more »

  • Brighton

    Seagulls or sirens? A quarter mile out
    Engage the addiction, in shore, there's no doubt... more »

  • Byron's Eyes

    Come stand here, by the Peachey stone, atop this screaming hill,
    enchant yourself in memories, imbibe yourself in thrill,... more »

  • Carrot Cake

    He buys the weekly cake,

    slices, and shelves it in the lonely fridge.... more »

  • Cigarette Smoke

    Cigarette Smoke

    In the grass by my right hand a cigarette lays,
    so I watched as the fumes wove the breeze,... more »

  • Cold Feet

    Going to get cold feet,
    I take off my shoes,
    knot the laces together,
    and stand, sinking while I write.... more »

  • Daffodils

    Down at the cemetery medals, I drift,
    no twitching mind, but there,
    a millionaire sits up,
    bumping into my thoughts,... more »

  • Deep Within

    Deep Within

    When there’s little there,
    we search our souls for hidden peace,... more »