• Don'T Fall In Love

    Don't fall in love with no one
    for no one hurts like hell,
    their touch is nonexistent
    their aura blind as well.... more »

  • Dreams

    How fast the grey speeds lonely on, above the dying day,
    it soaks to nowhere, chilling all, with fleeting cloud display,
    it’s such a pretty circus, looking inside from without,
    perhaps I’ll stop and wish awhile, and stamp my feet of doubt.... more »

  • Faded

    Yellow rubber gloves and a bucket full of spuds,
    creeping like the devil’s own, luring silence to the bone,... more »

  • Fancy Dress

    They told me Sir Jessus, King of reggae
    was there, on the sound system controls,
    but I didn’t see him.
    Vibrating windows viewed a happy blues,... more »

  • Forever And Always

    Forever told me not to wait too long, just in case….
    He always spoke in maybes,
    bit like Eternity, never a straight word,
    lots of Always and happy ever after,... more »

  • Gibsons


    I always remember Martin Jay had Gibsons,
    a dark tan pair, over-polished oxblood,... more »

  • He Rides

    He Rides

    He rides,
    lawless into the sunset,... more »

  • Here We Are At Zero

    Here we are at zero, begging up the rear,
    let me be your text babe, fill my screen with cheer,
    hammer down upon me, like a guiding rod,
    lead me where wind walks, slowly, with its god.... more »

  • Hey, I Love You

    Hey, I Love You

    We exchange life,
    looking for familiar technicalities,... more »

  • His Eyes

    His Eyes

    Into your eyes, each word, reflected as you write,
    the starting glide of verse, endangered in its flight.... more »

  • How I Miss Love

    I realised I didn’t miss ……..
    but oh, how I miss love... more »

  • Hymn


    I want Jerusalem-
    diced, cooked, and sung,... more »

  • I Cried

    I cried the stars that lit no sky
    I poured my heart like sand
    I watched from balconies of hope
    as smiles seeped through my hand... more »

  • I Don'T Remember

    You cannot hum all day,
    to sparks from a tricky melody,
    haunting mists of lilting repetition,
    drowsing my rhythmic receptors.... more »

  • I Fell Under A Promise

    I fell under a promise and was crushed, but scrambled free,
    the words careering madly on, into infinity,... more »

  • I Met Jesus

    I met Jesus 6 years ago,
    when I was slimmer.
    His long brown hair interfering
    with each car he serviced.... more »

  • I Own The World

    I own the world, Yes! Every speck,
    you dare to doubt me? Call my bluff?... more »

  • I Sent A Man The Sea

    I sent a man the sea, inside a box,
    with all those little splashes from my youth,
    white water tips to waves my hand could touch,
    and gold from mermaid’s purses, filled with truth.... more »

  • I Think I Am Close

    I think I am close,
    but I am far away,
    not miles,
    but mental continents.... more »

  • I'M A Pig

    I’m a Pig

    I’m a pig of the pinkest variety,
    with mud chosen just for my looks,... more »

  • Imaginations Blind

    I pulled alongside to your life,
    with scarce an interview... more »

  • Intentions

    He meant to say a thank you, but forgot,
    one small neglect of duty sparsely fell,... more »

  • I'Ve Not Seen You At All

    I’ve Not Seen You At All

    I’ve never seen you nowhere, I’ve not seen you at all,
    I’ve dreamt where dreams grow hazy, and spiders climb the wall,... more »

  • Jerusalem

    Flashing his memory card with hand static,
    original subconscious thoughts ratcheted past.
    In between clicks,
    he remembered once being told,... more »

  • Jubblies

    There were no free gifts in the Cornflakes today,
    and what happened to little blue bags,... more »