• Last Train

    Last Train

    There was one rode in, and one rode out,
    below sodium trickles, of Saturday doubt,... more »

  • Let's Get Lost....For Chet Baker, Jazz Man

    Let’s Get Lost

    Again the ceiling thumped, through black
    and whitened flickers of the old,... more »

  • Levi Tags And Fringes

    Levi Tags And Fringes

    Chill upon the hillside, where the fair was built
    Crombies for the evening, buttoned to the hilt... more »

  • Little Gold Box

    There’s a little square box
    at the foot of the tree,
    with a gold shiny wrap and a bow,
    and it sits every year,... more »

  • Map

    The map to small escapes seems too folded, too tightly folded.
    I prise a blunt pleat, see a green road, a blue curling streak,
    more green, then a mile of coast.
    Those old Hessian maps,... more »

  • Mercy-Duffy


    Sending me to shivers, kicking out a storm,
    songing it for hell sake, devils been reborn.... more »

  • Mrs Mum

    Mrs Mum

    I have a name attached,
    not in clothes,... more »

  • Nothing


    Out of the airways came nothing,
    floating, as spring tumbled loam,... more »

  • Nutter


    I wonder just what happened to that strange kid at our school,
    the one whose voice had never cracked, the one who played the fool.... more »

  • Oh Superman

    The glimmering carcass of losing touch,
    lay prostrate on the floor,... more »

  • Painting By Numbers

    Painting By Numbers

    Somewhere deep inside me, there's a room called yesterday,
    with paint by number figures, lightly pencilled in, in grey.... more »

  • Passed Away

    Passed Away

    And all that was are gone and passed away,
    corruption dealt its hand and played to win,... more »

  • Piering Back

    A month from now, slow roads will heave,
    under bulging holiday tyres,... more »

  • Pretend

    Looking down, it thought.
    Past the body it was responsible for,
    one leg raised, kicked out,
    moving sharply, by slavish reaction.... more »

  • Repeats

    For a week, the tabletop underside,
    became my new sky.... more »

  • Riders

    Tattoo underneath his gear,
    Reads, death to all, they ride alone,
    those sunset riders loose but cool,
    descend in packs, a biker zone.... more »

  • Ridges

    I hear morning seas
    and flop, onto pebbles.... more »

  • Routes


    You tied the knot in sixty-one,
    with strings that touched my heart,... more »

  • Routine


    Looking in the bathroom mirror,
    routine would let itself dream,... more »

  • Rush Goalie

    Rush Goalie

    We played, feet off ground, to decide captains,
    one potato two, for first pick,... more »

  • Sailing

    You ran as light, no backward flash, the dotted line for jolly Jack,
    A tar escape slid into brine, I saw the monkey on your back.... more »

  • Sea Face

    You starin’ at me, sea face?
    You green eyed mystery... more »

  • Signs

    She stands there, her own corner,
    gesticulating to all and sundry,
    screwing her face up,
    tongues, occasional smiles,... more »

  • Silence

    Tonight I am old.
    Listening to that beautiful silence.
    It storms inside thought bubbles,
    waiting for nothing to break it free.... more »

  • Snow Is On The Rise Boys

    Snow is on the rise boys,
    Falling down again,
    Dark’s the blood of politics,
    Sprayed around the Bren.... more »