• Death

    Not only fear is deth
    an awkward scary dream.
    understanding emotions would make you wanna scream.
    Some teens bleed the blood they cut with a razor blade on the wrist.... more »

  • Harsh Words

    Harsh words and violent blows
    hidden secrets nobody knows
    eyes are open hands are fisted
    deep inside im just wrapped and twisted... more »

  • Im In Love With A Guy

    im in love with a guy who makes me cry.
    he tells me he loves me when he say's his goodbys
    he gives me a kiss. and held me tight.
    i have to go ill call u tonight.... more »

  • Im Sorry

    im sorry little girl wat have you done
    i dint understand wen you had fun
    i cared for you but you did wat you did
    you took all thoes pills cuz you didnt want to live.... more »