• **amy**

    You went to heaven,
    Even though you were only seven,
    You were at a pub,
    I wish you were in the tub,... more »

  • All Of My Life

    Sitting here
    waiting for you
    wondering when your coming back
    thinking of you... more »

  • Being Me

    My life is a mess,
    For a while i was confuzed about everything,
    I cried when i went to school,
    I cried while i was in school,... more »

  • Childhood

    I remember when i was young,
    I used to run around like a mad thing,
    I used to play about with dolls,
    I used to eat alot of sweets.... more »

  • Dad... Please Come Back

    Sitting here on the windowsill,
    Seeing if you will walk up the street,
    Theres no one there,
    Thinking of you all the time,... more »

  • Daddy's Little Girl.

    He's gone,
    He's walked out the door,
    And gone,
    How could he do this,... more »

  • Family

    I thought family was supposed to be there for you,
    Not make you fell horrible around them,
    Making you sit on their laps,
    when you are fourteen years old,... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are supposed to support you,
    Friends are supposed to invite you places,
    Friends are supposed to care for you,
    Talk to you,... more »

  • Friends 4 Ever 3

    You are the bestest friend i have ever had,
    You never treat me bad,
    All the other friends that i have had are horrible to me,
    I hope that you see,... more »

  • I Miss You

    I listen to songs that remind me of you,
    And all the things you do,
    Lots of them make me cry,
    But i don't know why,... more »

  • I Miss You 2

    Sitting on my windowsill
    looking out for you
    You should be here with me,
    Watching t.v., together,... more »

  • Living This Life

    Is this life a lie? ,
    Is this life planned? ,
    Or is it just chances? ,... more »

  • Mum

    when i was little you fed me,
    You changed me,
    You made me - me,... more »

  • School

    Sitting in a lesson,
    Bored out of my brain,
    Wanting it to be the end of the day.... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    Sitting here in my room,
    Hoping that i can see you soon,
    Thinking about you,
    I don't know what to do,... more »

  • Today

    Today i thought about you,
    Today something remided me of you,
    Today i walked past you,
    But you didn't see me.... more »

  • Tomorrow

    What would you do,
    If tomorrow i just suddenly left,

    What would you do,... more »

  • Waiting For That Special Someone

    I am waiting for that special someone,
    That someone that wil whisk me off my feet,
    That someone that will care for me,
    Hold me,... more »

  • Waiting For You

    I am sitting here by the phone,
    Waiting for you to ring,

    I am sitting on the windowsill,... more »

  • Waiting Only For You

    Sitting in this cold room,
    The bats loom,
    Not a sound to be heard,
    Except from a single tweet from a bird,... more »