I call my poetry my own personal therapy session...it allows me to get any strong emotions out which might be weighing me down, i like to describe feelings in an in your face way so people can relate to them but distance enough to make up your own intrepratations so it's not obvious what it's really about.


Jess Green Poems

Capture The Moment

Just capture this moment inside your head,
Freeze the frame,
Let your eyes be your camera,
Let your ears be the tape recorder,... more »

The Weakness Of Power

These tantrums…
These comments…
These fists hitting against your side…
Don’t you see it’s a sign of my weakness, not my power?... more »


Every time she leaves her house,
It’s like she’s stepping out off the curtain,
The reality melts away and leaves the girl everyone would like to know,
A perfectly practiced act showered with smiles, jokes and kind words,... more »

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