• A Rose Is Beautiful But Wilts With Age

    A rose is beautiful but it wilts with age,
    Unlike my longing which still inks the page,
    When I look at a picture I still see tell tale signs,
    Of me wanting to dream of you once I shut my blinds,... more »

  • Abyss

    Every time she leaves her house,
    It’s like she’s stepping out off the curtain,
    The reality melts away and leaves the girl everyone would like to know,
    A perfectly practiced act showered with smiles, jokes and kind words,... more »

  • Capture The Moment

    Just capture this moment inside your head,
    Freeze the frame,
    Let your eyes be your camera,
    Let your ears be the tape recorder,... more »

  • Dream Catcher

    I’m like a fish in a bowl,
    My minds trapped in here,
    I live in this fantasy world,
    Completely without fear.... more »

  • Main Focus

    I’m not some commercial,
    I’m happy to take a back seat,
    You don’t have to advertise me,
    I don’t want to live my life through a lens.... more »

  • Picture Perfect

    I tried to draw you a picture,
    Of what I find inside myself,
    But just like my words,
    It lacks structure and point,... more »

  • The Loser With Everything Left To Lose

    Please don’t say you care for me,
    It’s so much better if you hate,
    Because if I didn’t have you loving me,
    I wouldn’t care what was at stake.... more »

  • The Weakness Of Power

    These tantrums…
    These comments…
    These fists hitting against your side…
    Don’t you see it’s a sign of my weakness, not my power?... more »

  • Wanting Makes You Finish Last

    I see all the lovers,
    Walking down the street holding hands,
    Passing secret Chinese whispers,
    And I wonder to myself,... more »