I am currently living in the United States and this is one of my first times actually letting other people besides my best friend read my poems =] I'm actually younger than my age says, but I don't really feel like saying my age, all I can say is its over 13 xD Anyways, I have a brother, and a cat named Tigger. Alot of my poems are about either my feelings or something to do with my friends.


Jess Robertson Poems

Forbidden Love

I love you
I always have,
You know I do
I'm safe in your hand... more »

Cheating Liar

You held her at your side
And kissed her on the cheek
Her heart was held by chains
Till it refused to beat.... more »


People ask me whats wrong,
I must say I don't know.
I've kept this going so long,
But not long enough to go.... more »

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